Saturday, September 1, 2012

Miraculous lemon

Lemon is a miraculous product to kill cancer cells.

Is 10000 times stronger than chemotherapy.

its taste is pleasant.

WHERE HAS THE ABILITY TO ACTS, planted a lemon tree in your garden.
ALL PARTS are beneficial.

We all know as lemons. THE FRUIT OF CITRATE IS A PRODUCT WITH DIFFERENT SIDES, its interior can be eaten immediately or been processed for making beverages, soft drinks, sweets, ETC.



* Lemon juice contains vitamin C, sugars, carbohydrates, proteins and minerals (potassium, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, sodium and silicon) while refreshing the skin of essential oil.

Also, the lemon is rich in flavones, antioxidants valuable in healing.

Lemon is an excellent antibacterial, disinfectant, astringent and antiseptic, is thought to help control uric acid prevents clotting of arteries and veins and accumulation of salts.
* Lemon juice is recommended in all the preventive and therapeutic treatments for respiratory infections, but also to stimulate the immune system, helping the growth of white blood cells.
* If the consequences of a slow evening revelry to ... leave, a bitter coffee with the juice of half a lemon is a real panacea for the stomach.

As for the feeble stomach from eating abuses, just squeeze half a lemon in a glass of water in which you dissolve and some soda, drinking while foaming.
* If you have indigestion drink a glass of water in which you throw a few drops of lemon:

will immediately feel relief ...

It is advisable to avoid mix lemon with starchy foods (potatoes, pasta), because the combination of the sensitive stomachs usually causes indigestion.
* Very effective is lemon for the circulatory system, particularly to combat high blood pressure, also recommended in diets on cholesterol and atherosclerosis.
* It's a very good anticoagulated blood, reduces clotting. Used for treatment of varicose veins and for the prevention and treatment.
* Lemon is a powerful bactericide.

So use the juice of the raw seafood (destroys 92% of bacteria contain).

Also, it is advisable to pour some lemon in cans, as well as matured meat.

Still, remember that lemon juice is the best antidote to food poisoning
* In addition, thanks to vitamin C it contains, has antioxidant and protecting the health and beauty.

Also, lemon juice cleans and whitens the skin and helps to close the pores and also eliminate freckles.
* Very often used in cosmetics.

For example - homemade facial mask
* The hard skin (on elbows, knees and heels! Would be smoother if the daily rub with lemon.
* Some washers lemon into the bath water, neutralize calcium and give the skin a wonderful glow.
* A few drops of lemon on a cotton pad, tighten the pores of oily skin.
* Apply chapped hands with a mixture of 1 tsp. GL. lemon juice and a few drops of glycerin.

If your nails are brittle, massage them every evening with a mixture of lemon and olive oil (half and half).

* After chalaoua, sprinkle on a few drops of lemon legs. Your skin will become soft.
* Rubs lemon on scalp Strengthens hair while the juice of half a lemon rinse gives them special glow.
* The lemon because it activates the immune system (increasing the white blood cells) and is an excellent hemostatic.

For example, after extraction of a tooth, a few drops of lemon onto the wound site aid healing.

Still, the same positive effect is the juice of the lemon and nosebleeds:

you water with a few drops of lemon a cotton, which is placed inside the nostril.

Also, gargling with lemon juice make very good for sensitive gums and ulcers in the mouth.
* The content of vitamin C (50 ml per 100 g.) Lemon makes it ideal for addressing the harmful effects of smoking.
* Seasoning, herb and cosmetic applications to everyday practice of rinsing the silk as the polishing of copper ...

In the kitchen, after all, is still used to avoid tan cut fruits and vegetables or to xemyrisoun hands by fish.

And of course the lemon added to salads, grilled, boiled or fried food