Friday, February 24, 2012

Horoscop and health-Gemini


 Hands, Lungs
Gemini control nerves, arms and shoulders. The Twins have a propensity to fractures and joints in the arms. The Zodiac is also controls the lungs and often a cold turns into bronchitis. These people are restless and constantly nervous.

He rules the lungs, fingers and hands as nervesThe appearance of twins is often fragile with a very elegant lines and a real beauty. Recognize them quickly because those who have such an Ascendant can not stay for long in place and feel the need of an external stimulus. Unlike the Ascendant although implies some instability, as a counterpart gives very physical skill and grace.

But people can not persist for more than one attempt. The nerves are very fragile and if their sex life is not quite satisfactory, exposed to all kinds of depression. Generally characterized by the desire for change. And it is hard to stay loyal for a long time in a given situation.

On the physiological side, if slight, the most common diseases are the nervous disorders the pulmonary tuberculosis disease and paralysis. The diseases of the central nervous system leading to sexual problems (impotence or frigidity).

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