Herbs and Modern Medicine

Τhe use of herbs in the modern and "clasic" medicine.Typical uses of herbs and aromatic plantsAloe vera: for eczema, sugar, turning hair.Archangelic: tonic anemia efstomachi, liver, enteritis, rheumatoid arthritis.Bermuda grass: kidney stones, prostate, bile, very diuretic.Wild Rose: cholesterol, sugar, defense agency, contains vitamin C.Agrimonio: diabetes, sore throat, neck pain, diarrhea.Alexandrian sheets: constipation.Althea: emollient, laryngitis, cough, sore throat.Achilles: Hemorrhoids, varicose veins, influenza, asthma, fat burning, cellulite.Wormwood: sugar, menstrual disorders, digestive, vomiting.Vasilikos is a good memory, ponokefalous, stomachaches.Valerian: sedative, nerves, insomnia, hysteria.Vatos: diabetes, diarrhea, kidney stones, arthritis, rheumatism.Anise: colic, aerophagy, digestion, fat burning, abdominal pains.Licorice: Anti-inflammatory, cough, colds, asthma, gastric ulcers.Gkinsengk: aphrodisiac, tonic, gives longevity.Daphne: dissolves salts in the body for fever.Rosemary: elixir of youth, baldness, dandruff, heart, liver.Dittany of Crete: stomachopathiseis, aphrodisiac, stimulant, sugar.Ekouizeto: prostate, cystitis, kidney stones, rheumatism.Eucalyptus: cough, asthma, respiratory functioning, bactericidal.Echinacea: defense body, stimulating the immune system, allergy.Thyme: Liver tonic, poke-tion, stomach, heart, rheumatism.Maize (tassel): kidney stones, gall bladder, uric acid, prostate.Calendula: emminagogiki in eczema and acne.Cress / Kakouli: removes freckles and blotches, cordial, contains vitamin C.Cumin: aerophagy, orchitis, chilblains, indigestion.Kyparissaki: prostate, cystitis, kidney stones, sugar, diuretic.Lavender: general pain killer, heart, headache, dizziness, insomnia, moth.Flaxseed: cough, constipation, haemorrhoids, gall stones.Louisa: weight loss, intestinal gas, constipation, bloating, good mood.Hops: sugar, cholesterol, sedative, anafrodisiako.Fennel: kidney stones, weight loss, fat soluble.Marjoram: stomachaches, gas, insomnia, abdominal pains.Mastiha: sugar, cholesterol, diuretic, used in confectionery.Melissa: sedative, insomnia, dissolves uric acid, heart palpitations, hypertension.Mint: upset stomach, flu, xirovicha.Mallow: soothing for the throat, cough, laryngitis, pharyngitis, gastritis, asthma.Green Tea China: cholesterol, triglycerides, liver, gall bladder, stomach cancer.Pikroxylo: sugar, cholesterol.Pasiflora: sedative, insomnia, stress, nerves.Ginger: tonic, aphrodisiac.Polykompi: kidney stones, prostate, bladder, sugar, hemorrhoids, intestinal skolikes.Maidenhair: bronchitis, tracheitis, colds, urinary infections roads asthma.Sapounochorto: bile, laxative, eczema, dermatitis, kidney.Salepi: sore throat, flu.Sinamiki: constipation.Mustard: bronchitis, rheumatism, pleurisy, neuralgia, heart.Sedge: stomach pains, rheumatism, sores and moles (oil sedge).Elder: flu, sore throat, colds, bronchitis, allergic asthma, cough.Skorpidochorto: kidney stones, prostate, cystitis.Tanatseto: parasites, relaxes blood vessels, relieving period pains.Taraxako: jaundice, rheumatism, hemorrhoids, diabetes.Tea: heating, flu, cough, calming, insomnia, anemia.Nettle: aimokathartiko, liver, kidney stones, uric acid dissolves, aphrodisiac, contains vitamins A, B, C and minerals.Hyssop: sugar, asthma, cholesterol, bronchitis, hypertension.Sage: sugar, blood pressure, anemia, tonic, stomach, muscle aches, flu.Chamomile: Calming, insomnia, digestive, diuretic, rheumatism.


The name comes from the Greek word king. Used in cooking for flavoring sauces. The extract of the Royal prevents aftres, headaches, aids digestion and soothes the nerves and spasms.

DaphneKnown plant of the Mediterranean, whose leaves relish sauces, fish, meats and legumes. With laurel wreaths rewards Olympians in ancient times. The laurel extract combats flatulence, whet the appetite and stimulates the lazy stomachs. Antiseptic is valuable for colds and bronchitis. The laurel is suitable for rheumatism.

RosemaryThe rosemary is a stimulant and utility of sexual function. Stimulates liver function, helps reduce cholesterol and rejuvenate the tired body. As an additive in various preparations relieve toothache. Against hair loss and dandruff. In the cooking is excellent flavoring for grilled and fried fish.

DittanyFrom the typical plants of Crete and a favorite herb of the Cretans, who use it to combat colds, flu, headaches, digestive disorders, rheumatism, etc. In outdoor use helps heal wounds and eliminate the bruising. In Minoan times was considered an honorary position as the most valuable herb.
MintIn mint attributed many beneficial properties, such as fighting stomach pains, nausea, hiccups and aiding digestion. It also offers many in the ribs and the various events: insomnia, spasms, tremors, headaches, palpitations. The cooking is widely used as a flavoring in meatballs, kallitsounia, myzithropites, sauces, etc.

Excellent plant and the best antiseptic and tonic herbs. The extract can help prevent colds, fever sheds, fighting the flu, intestinal disorders and skin infections. Antispasmodic the digestive tract, facilitates digestion, calms the nervous twitching of the stomach and intestine. Not recommended for use because of hypertension raises blood pressure. In cooking is the best spices for grilled meat

There are too many varieties. Contains a cooling substance, menthol. It is highly antiseptic, fights colds flu and sore throat. It is also a digestive, sedative in small dose and aphrodisiac in large doses. Essential oils from these plants have great value to the flavor of several products (toothpaste, chewing gum, etc.)

From the most beloved of our kitchen herbs, known since antiquity when it was used as a spice and as medicine. Powerful diuretic, valuable in cases of fluid retention, swelling feet and hands. Useful against cellulite.Plant, excellent as a tonic and anti-inflammatory. The leaf stalks and the root, crushed to condition and soothe topical pain and itching from insect bites. He has a reputation for giving more luminous skin and eliminates dark spots of skin.
LeekHippocrates was the first to discover the many beneficial properties of this plant. Today the leek is known diuretic, used in swelling feet and hands and cellulite. Valuable as fluid retention and fatigue komaras. The leeks can be cooked in different ways. Also added with other herbs in pies.

OreganoOregano facilitate digestion and fights constipation. Good friend and tonic for the lungs helps to chronic bronchitis. It has stimulant properties and helps people suffering from fatigue. Extra spice is used in many sauces and salads - especially in rustic-. Pleasant flavors meat, fish, fried potatoes, slice.
CeleryIn ancient times as crown rewarded the winners of Nemea. Celery is valuable in slimming diets. Beneficial to the liver, kidneys and heart. Can we consume daily in the form of decoction. His fame is great as an excellent aphrodisiac. Used in cooking to whet the appetite and gives a pleasant taste in fish, soup, fricassee.
GarlicThe bulb of garlic cloves comprises and contains essential oil with strong odor and pungent taste. Used widely throughout the Mediterranean cooking and gastronomy. Antiseptic, fights infections and intestinal parasites.Appetizer helps in digestion and constipation. Beneficial in lowering blood pressure and cholesterol. In external use, soothes inflammation of joints and rheumatism.
TaraxakoPikrochorto, which stimulates the secretion of bile, stimulates liver function and combats constipation in diabetes and cholesterol. Diuretic, fights water retention, kidney stones and bladder. Considered excellent for the prevention and treatment of mild rheumatism and fatigue the body. Gastronomy used raw as salad or boiled with a little lemon and olive oil
NettleKnown to everyone - especially those of us itching caused by poison - plant of fields and abandoned gardens.But this unwanted grass is actually the most valuable to man, known since antiquity. The decoction of nettle sexes recommended as a diuretic and laxative. Very refreshing, has properties in fatigue and anxiety. The poultice of crushed nettle leaves used to treat wounds.

SageSage is an excellent tonic, fights fatigue, helps people in recovery, and facilitate digestion. Recommended for people suffering from high perspiration. Gently balances the body of women who suffer from rare menses or premature menopause. (Should be avoided in frequent use by women secrete a lot of estrogen). In gastronomy, many use it as an accompanying vegetable and white meat.
CamomileA cup of chamomile before a meal to whet the appetite. Helps with sleep and soothes headaches, aching teeth and ribs. Fights colds. The extract of chamomile makes a perfect lotion for cleansing the face and delicate skin of babies, and gives vivid hues to blonde hair. Also ofthalmoloutra with chamomile soothe inflammation of the eyelids


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