Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Onion and flu!

Scientists have done research and found that when the onion cleanse the outer layer of the skin, is an attraction for all kinds of bacteria but also the virus of the flu. 

In experiments one or two cleaned onions placed in an area with patients having flu and  the other day they were doing microbiological examinations on the blackened onion, and  they found that onion had got  the flu! 

And hadn't  stuck a healthy organism. At the time the virus wants to move  into another host body (ie a healthy person)  it goes to ... onion. If any of the people who live together or people who associate (our work) have the flu, we clean the exterior only one or two onions and put in place. The next day the onion has absorbed the virus or the flu bug, tans, and save us! 

A lady, that did not believe into this, she suffered pneumonia, she was told and tried: one onion, peeled, cut off both ends, and made some small holes on it, put it on the  nightstand beside her all night,, the next day feeling great. Unlike the onion had his black crap!

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