Sports and Health

Children, Sport and HealthSport, and the game is for children a way not only to practice and develop new physical skills ... and to make new friends, learn to be members of a group, have fun and improve sense of self-confidence. Parents should take care to allow their children to have the opportunity to participate in sports or any sports. The habits that will get children through a healthy employment in a sport or a sport, will accompany them throughout their lives.Alongside the physical training that will make children with the opportunity that their employment will have very beneficial effects on physical health. Today, our children spend much of their time watching television, in video games and computers. Their diet is far healthier and are characterized by high fat and carbohydrate.Obesity in children has become a plague that spreads and creates the conditions for significant health problems that will inevitably occur when obese children will become adults.The above data make it imperative to involve children in sports activities, sports, various games out in the open air.Parents should look at the issue of child participation in sports or sports with caution. You need to encourage and help them to take part in such activities. It's also good to go themselves to monitor what their children are doing, to comment on this sport and to give them any form of support. Should children take part in races, either alone or in the context of a group, should help them to have reasonable expectations about the results and failure to help them cope.The expectations of parents for the development and success of the child should be kept at realistic levels.The sport and the sport should maintain and entertainment for children and not become an additional source of mental burnout.Alongside the advice of parents should also cover the area of ​​proper behavior of the child in his own group but also as a spectator or as a fan of his team. Respect for teammates of the child, maintaining the composure of both good and bad times to be included in the basic values ​​that parents should teach their children.The importance of physical and mental health of the child spends time, and you in these activities is great. The effects arising will last for the entire life of the child. Certainly for parents the hours required for the organization of sporting activities for the child is still a load of bad program. Definitely affects the way they work. But this investment of time must be due to benefits accruing to all the child's life.Parents should additionally be talking with the coaches of their child, seeing the environment in which their child play sports and watch the other children as their own child. The discussions and exchange views with the coach of the child and other parents are becoming very useful and constructive for the continuation and organization of children's activities.Children's participation in sports, the regular workout, the group in which they will learn to operate under these conditions are all together, an important shield against the scourge of drugs, smoking and other bad habits that can prevail in children who are inactive.No doubt the involvement of parents in all aspects of life of children is paramount.The lessons that parents can give their children the opportunity of situations arising from their participation in sports and sports are becoming valuable to their children when they reach adulthood.

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