Friday, February 24, 2012

Horoscop and health-Cancer

Stomach, IndigestionThe Zodiac Sign Cancer controls the stomach and feeder roads. These cancers tend to upset them and to worry excessively prone to indigestion and ulcers, so we are always delicate health. The mammary glands are closely linked to Cancer, the sign of motherhood.

He rules the stomach, the great sympathetic system, the left eye, digestion and nutrition, enzymesThe appearance on Cancer recognized by some obesity due mostly to water retention. Men or women who have a Cancer Ascendant hate sports apart from swimming and nourish love for the holidays and social life. Are people more socially entire zodiac. Devote themselves around and have a highly developed sense of family. 

External conditions affect them too.This Ascendant gives a remarkable dose sensitivity. In their eyes the food is very important, this is somehow a social ritual, a communion. They have high fertility and passive luck plays all the shots. 

From the physiological point of view and with very serious offenses, the most common diseases are nutritional abnormalities, tumors and degenerative diseases.The thermotherapy and trace elements can resubmit their health as well as fasting.

 Unfortunately, in general, prefer a more simple therapeutic method consisting in taking many pharmaceutical preparations.

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