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Homeopathic medicine and asthma

Homeopathic Medicine has been the source of Hippocrates, but was established as a complete therapeutic system 200 years ago by German physician Samuel Hahnemann. Based on observation and experiment, like any science, governed by principles and laws. The basic law of "similars" holds that a substance that causes a set of symptoms in a healthy person can cure a patient presenting a similar set of symptoms.

The symptom is not only a consequence of disruption of the defense mechanism. The basic principle of homeopathy is the restoration of such disturbance defense mechanism of the patient. The homeopathic remedy is not to simply fight the symptoms. Under the law of similars, aimed at restoring the defense mechanism of such disturbance, thus eliminating the symptoms and restore health.

As fewer side effects is a treatment and the more effective it is, the benefit to the patient is greater. For example, we are much happier when asthma is controlled with standard broncho-broad and we are not obliged to corticosteroids. We are very pleased with the treating physician and an even greater benefit to the patient, if he could animetopistei effective asthma by avoiding even the vronchodiaotaltikon drugs, thanks to Homeopathic Medicine.

Could Homeopathy can be an alternative approach for the treatment of asthma? Guarantees Does the rehabilitation of the asthmatic patient?These questions are very difficult to answer one word, as Homeopathy does not cure diseases, but patients.In order to answer the questions, it is not just the specific form of manifestation of asthma, but requires a complete outline of a lot of data that identifies the individual patient. It is, basically, a very detailed and extensive history, to get the physician to apply homeopathic treatment.

Having thus complete the picture, both the disease and secondly the ability of the defense
 mechanism of stimulation of the patient, the physician may hope that the appropriate homeopathic preparation mobilize latent defensive capabilities of the body and restore the internal disorder that gave rise to the disease. 

A homeopathic history is very extensiveIn addition to the symptoms of the disease include those symptoms that characterize how the body's defense. Because asthma and there are many ways that every body tries to maintain balance within the new adverse conditions found because of the disease.The selection of the indicated remedy in Homeopathy is based on:First, the historical and clinical, radiological, biochemical and laboratory data andSecondly, to study the mode of action of the defensive mechanism of the organism, whereas:1. The human body both in health status and the disease state, acts as a single psychosomatic whole.2. The symptoms are not disease, but the means available to the defense mechanism of the body to eliminate the disease.3.

The defense mechanism of the organism is considered to be beyond the known defense systems (nervous, lymphatic, immune, hormonal, etc.), energy or dynamic conditions produced by the living organism to sustain life.4. The defense mechanism of body functions in a "government" that gives the best possible response in order to maintain homeostasis, whereas the type and size of the rogue agent, and the ability to answer the various vital organs.5. The primary disorder that allows the disease is the inconsistency of this dynamic area of ​​the body.The doctor who wants to apply homeopathic treatment in asthmatic patient should be clinically examined the patient, to conduct laboratory and paraclinical testing, be extended to very detailed homeopathic history. 

After assessing the severity and prognosis in this patient, should study the data to decide whether it has evidence to apply homeopathy and how the homeopathic medicines of Materia Medica (Pharmacology) is that which covers the largest range of symptoms the patient it. Homeopathic remedies come from the animal, vegetable and mineral kingdom. It's simple natural substances or simple compounds and administered in minute doses to specific pharmaceutical preparation. 

Their action is qualitative rather than quantitative. Relate more to the sensitivity with which this organization rather than the disease being treated (which is why homeopathy is most individualized treatment). Aimed at improving the overall organization and not only suppress the symptoms of this disease (which is why homeopathy is eminently holistic healing).Homeopathic medicines have been studied in depth according to the strict rules of homeopathic pharmacy-test in healthy individuals and toxicological observations.

The symptoms described in psychonoitiko sector in various organs of the human body (head, eyes, ears, nose, mouth, face, stomach, belly, genitals, male and female, heart, limbs, skin), and sleeping faeces, urine, fever, the effect of weather conditions are the Materia Medica (Pharmacognosy).Many drugs are common symptoms in different organs and body functions, but in a different degree of intensity (1, 2, 3, or 4) and recorded on synthetic dictionaries (Repertorium Homeopathicum Syntheticum) or, recently, compact discs, for high-tech computer programs.In this way, far too simplified to find the indicated remedy for the received history.Of the total of approximately 3,000 homeopathic medicines including Homeopathy today Pharmacology, 30 roughly correspond to the activation of defense mechanism for those suffering from bronchial asthma.

To obtain a perception of the mode of action of homeopathy presented four medicines indicated in asthma, nonproductive (dry) and four more suited to production asthma (liquid).Medicines indicated in bronchial asthma without sputumArsenicum album: It is used very often during the crisis of asthma. 

The pharmacognosy of Homeopathy Arsenicum album based on toxicological research findings and pathology of fatal shooting at suicide or accidental poisoning or not, but we at long observations on healthy people on a voluntary decision of the substance or on the long observation of chronically dilitiriasthenton, The patient is restless, can not remain in bed.He gets up, opens the window, but can not remain still for long. The crisis occurs always at the same time, at around 1:00 am, not decrease before 3:00 a.m. 

The patient strongly fears and anxiety without reaching the point of Aconit., Who believes that he will die. The sick often drink small quantities of cold water to soothe the sick of.The expectoration is minimal and occurs at the end of the crisis.Drosera: The asthma attack occurs any time of night. Breathlessness is intense and prolonged. Increases when lying down, but the patient sitting in bed, without getting up. 

Shortness of breath aggravated by heat and fluid intake. The cough is spasmodic, more intense and more prolonged than that of Arsenicum. The expectoration is slight.Sambucus nigra: The alarm is BI <and suffocation strong start. All the respiratory muscles are screwed breathing almost impossible. 

The clinical j be dramatic. In short time the face and cold extremities are cyanotic. Appears Sweat and asthmatic crisis can be extended for a long time.Lobelia inflata: To accompany this product characteristics in severe asthma. Shortness of breath, chest muscles twitch and very intense cyanosis, as in Sambucus and the expectoration is absent. 

Noted that the crisis occurs primarily in the afternoon or the first Evening hours. The hours reported worsening of drugs are: Between Midnight and 3 am for Arsenicum, in the second half of the night on Drosera, any time of night for Sambucus, at the end of the day or early night for Lobelia.Medicines in liquid endeikntai asthma

Ipecacuanha: It is medicine that is usually printed on asthma attacks presenting expectoration greater than that presented by Arsenicum, but not the rest of the series examined. The dyspnea gradually increases and reaches its peak within a few hours. Unlike the Arsenicum-time occurrence of the crisis is indeterminate and occurs both day and night. Matched by an intense and spasmodic cough, cyanosis of the face and lips, and cold extremities.'Worthy is the observation that the augmented breath with movement and breathing fresh air, unlike what happens with Arsenicum. But the main point of Ipecacuanha is nausea. 

Small vomiting occur from the beginning of the crisis and should not be confused with abundant expectoration displayed at the end of the crisis. Sometimes there is epistaxis. The point which confirms the indication for Ipecacuanha is that the normal color of the language remains, despite the upset. The hearing proves the existence of musical sounds and not just congestion of cells as dry asthma in the entire lung field. The crisis of asthma takes an hour or two and ends with mucous expectoration.Kali carbonicum: 

Arsenicum is the one of the main drugs of the crisis of asthma. The key features are: 1.Shortness of breath is strong.
2. Installs in 2: 00 or 3: 00 am (A little later than Arsenicum). 
3. The complete stillness it (unlike Arsenicum has great concern). Remains motionless on the bed with hands on knees to strengthen the respiratory muscles. 
4. The cough is dry and increases in pulmonary congestion. 
5. The sputum appears at the end of the crisis, consisting of small blocks mucus discharged abruptly. 
6. Occasionally, chest pain occurs as stab wounds. 
7. Great fatigue, depression. 
8. Bradycardia and a fall in blood pressure, raising the minimum when the crisis is over.Kali bichromicum: Shortness of breath is sharp and without a fixed schedule. The expectoration is profuse, sticky, threadlike, bound in spittoon, out yellowish and greenish. The expectoration is a dry cough continues after the crisis. 

Sometimes becomes chronic.Coccus cacti: The cough is spasmodic, compounded by sleep and begins early in the night. Shortness of breath is strong, with no special features. The expectoration is abundant, consisting of whitish mucus, a thick, sticky, hanging like a small thread of the mouth of the patient. 

The color of the sputum is completely white, unlike that of Kali bichromicum is yellow and green.The reference to drugs is presented succinct compilation of the Materia Medica of the most representative symptoms of each, to become more perceptible differ-diagnostic significance.

Despite the difficulty of a given statistical research in homeopathy is rich international literature in relation to asthma. The opinions are many and various and often conflicting. But the fact is that homeopathy and alternative medicine in general, apply to a large proportion of patients who suffer from asthma. In the Greek world are talking about two statistical studies carried out by the pediatrician Theodora Zotos etc. with encouraging results in children with asthma.

Apart from the subjective and objective improvement of the patient, homeopathy has other criteria to ascertain whether the health of the patient following treatment course. For example, states that although dropping the symptoms of asthma, allergic rhinitis occurs or eczema, should be pleased with the progress of our patient.Homeopathic medicines theoretically and practically no side effectsRisks arise when omoiotherapeftiki treatment, due to tactical errors or incorrect assessment of the treating physician, as the mistake in choosing the appropriate medication (when the remedy does not work and the disease continues its course), or underestimation of the severity of asthma or premature termination of classical medication, so out of control the disease, with unpleasant consequences for the patient and the physician.

The traditional medicine and homeopathy do not compete. Not applied simultaneously, but depending on the history of the treated patient and other findings, have their own entries.Therefore, whoever doctor decides to deal with Homeopathy should be first an experienced and well trained doctor. Also, many problems can be avoided if a culture of collaboration with specialist colleagues.Today, many pulmonologists (after appropriate training), provide homeopathic medicines to treat asthma with very good results.Peter S. Garzoni, Deputy Director of Clinical Pathology NHSFrom the journal Homeopathy, No. 26, 2002

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Sex and sleeping

Despite the fact that sex is often a source of great pleasure, can also become a major cause of stress and tension between the two to pair.

Even people who have a full sexual life and feel complete satisfaction in quality, may have concerns about their own performance when they hear or read about what they do or how often behind closed doors.

An integrated happy sexual relationship does not depend on the frequency or the type of sexual behavior adopted by both the couple.

Unlike satisfaction depends on whether the sexual experience makes both the couple to feel well without endangering the health of either.

The desire for sex is influenced significantly by sleep and stress.Stress and work overload, causing fatigue and increased need for sleep. If the work and worries to anxiety, prevent one or both of the couple to sleep well then in a vicious cycle that inevitably is installed, the sex life aside.

Snoring is a negative factor that can have devastating effects on sexual life of couples. The quality of the relationship is affected. A large percentage of couples choose to sleep separately in order to escape the problem.

Snoring affects 20% to 40% of the population. This is a very common condition, unpleasant for both the individual sufferer and for those who slept with him. Insomnia, fatigue and irritability resulting seriously affect sex life.

Sleep apnea, the restless legs syndrome is one of the main causes of insomnia.Sleep deprivation and insomnia causes disturbances to hormonal functions related to sex. Adversely affected mood and arousal for sex and reduce the possibility of orgasm.

The sex life may suffer from other disorders that cause insomnia such as depression. Diabetes, heart disease, vascular disease, high blood pressure also causes disturbances of sexual life.

There are prescription anti-depression as a side effect with loss of sexual drive and erectile dysfunction.Medicines given during the high pressure can cause similar side effects.There are many causes of sleep deprivation leads to loss of sexual drive. If it is suspected that this occurs, patients should not hesitate to discuss the matter with the prescribing physician.It should be emphasized that good sleeping habits help combat insomnia and many evils which it causes in our bodies.

Regular exercise, avoiding or limiting caffeine, alcohol and nicotine, keeping the same hours as someone going to sleep and waking, can help combat insomnia. We also sought the help of the doctor every time simple measures do not solve the problem.The treatment of sleep deprivation, and made any one the cause general helps the body and contributes to a healthy sex life.