Monday, October 31, 2011

Treat insomnia without drugs

Sleep is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle such as nutrition, but also the sport. When someone improves sleep, improves general and then the physical and mental health. Sleep is a barometer of health. If someone says he is not sleeping well, then you should know that the level of health is low.

Approximately 50 percent of middle-aged people complaining of symptoms of chronic insomnia. Insomnia increases with age. There around middle age sleep begins to change dramatically. Thus, it is necessary to find different ways to improve sleep quality.Now, anyone with sleep problems, now have a treatment without drugs that will help them have a more restful night's sleep. Because there are promising signs that show that aerobic exercise, although it can be a simple strategy, offers spectacular improvement in sleep. 

According to a small but important study by the Northwestern University, funded by the National Institute on Aging, regular aerobic exercise improves sleep quality, sleep duration, the mood and vitality.This research is first examined the effect of aerobic exercise in middle-aged or older people who had been diagnosed with insomnia. The survey took place 23 adults whose job was sedentary, mostly women, aged 55 and older who had trouble falling asleep or staying asleep.After an adjustment period, the group began aerobic exercise 4 times a week, about 30 to 40 minutes at a time.

Participants exercised for nearly 75% of the maximum heart rate of doing or brisk walking or stationary bike or treadmill. The team is not practiced in aerobic exercise participated in recreational or educational activities such as cooking lesson or lecture museum that lasted about 45 minutes 3 to 5 times a week for 16 weeks.Both teams practiced good sleep hygiene, such as sleep in a cool, dark and quiet room, or going to sleep at the same time every night, and also not someone stays in bed for a long time if you do not easily gets sleep.

The results showed that individuals of the group that practiced in aerobic exercise reported improved quality of sleep, so that sleep longer considered normal. They also reported fewer depressive symptoms, more vitality and less feeling drowsy during the day. The overall improvement in quality but also during sleep was much better than any drug treatment for insomnia. And a  treatment without the use of medics of insomnia is very important because it eliminates the possibility of interaction with other drugs that can take a patient and thus the symptoms of this interaction.

The best sleep comes therefore as a result of systematic training in aerobic exercise gives real vitality, this is the magic ingredient that makes you want to get up in the morning and go out into the world to do many things.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Heartburn?No more


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Cure your hemorrhoid easily and fast

Dear Friend & Fellow Hemorrhoid Sufferer:
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The world-renowned Harvard University Medical International Journaldoes cite "lack of fiber" as one culprit. I agree, but I believe there's more to the story......

Thursday, October 6, 2011

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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The new medical.......

                                        The new medical doctor's Hammer 

The doctor Rike Gkeert Hamer (Ryke Geerd Hamer) was for many years director of a German clinic. The privileged position allowed him to meet many cancer patients. Due to circumstances at random and detailed observation, the Hamer discovered the fundamental laws that explain the mechanism of occurrence of all cancers and all disease. In the case of this doctor, we can really talk about laws, since the verifications made by himself and by other researchers and therapists have shown that all are at 100% of cases, which had never happened to you in the history of medicine .

The Law “Steal” cancer delivered by Rike Gkeert Hamer is: "All cancers are caused and triggered by intense and violent internal conflicts that the experience without the express. The nature of internal conflict determines the area of ​​the brain will suffer and the institution which will identify the disease. "we noticed that patients who had bone cancer, for example, all had experienced a shock, a stress, a strong and violent (sudden) internal conflict in which they felt undervalued. In addition, he observed that all patients affected by cancer itself, a sign had appeared on the same specific region of the brain. Thus, he discovered that each type of stress represented the same specific brain region and the same instrument in question, always the same. Cancer of the bone corresponds to the internal conflict of the devaluation. Lung cancer in intense fear of death. Cancer of the left breast in a woman handed in intense internal conflict in relation to a child (real, virtual, imaginary or symbolic).

The right breast cancer in a right-handed woman corresponds to an internal conflict with the general partner (a woman left-handed, the correspondences are reversed). Prostate cancer represents the sexual inner conflict (actual or symbolic) in relation to children or descendants (or the ability to create). And so on for all cancers. This law has been confirmed for almost 20 years by hundreds of therapists (trained by Hamer and his successors) to tens of thousands of patients, without exception. What is fantastic in this discovery is that the mechanism of "conflict - brain - body" works in both directions. To say otherwise, but the internal conflict is active, the brain region that is activated giving the order to the biological process to produce cancerous cells in the body that was chosen to express the imbalance. Conversely, when the person solve his inner conflict (in any way you do this) and put an end to intense stress, the same region of the brain reverses the program and immediately gives orders to the biological process, to stop the production of cancer cells and destroy the tumor that has created the institution ... So far, several thousand medical records therapies are formed and collected by Doctor Hammer and his successors.

Within those folders, lists several healing which the official medicine describes as "spontaneous, inexplicable and remarkable": thus scans (with scanner), blood tests, radiographs, reporting performed in hospitals show that patients have completely healed of cancer, leukemia, multiple sclerosis, myopathies, various degenerative diseases, deafness, severe visual disturbances, psoriasis, allergies, etc., without resorting to chemotherapy, radiotherapy, surgery or other conventional treatments defined medicine. And yet, many of them were condemned by the official medicine, which had asserted that it was incurable, that they will die quickly. During one of the countless lawsuits against doctor's Hammer in which plaintiff was the medical association, Hamer's lawyer asked the court to compare the rate on a national scale, those who survived cancer, the percentage of those who survived cancer among patients of the client (whereas some of them had approached him, sometimes in their last stage, desperate after having tried everything). This comparison showed a glorious way the superiority of his approach Hamer, compared with the approach of scientific medicine and the entire arsenal: 95% survival for over 5 years for Hammer, opposite to 30% on average nationwide scale in Germany. No comments. The disease is the perfect solution that finds the brain to the problem of "internal conflict" If I stopped here on my presentation, you will probably let embarrassment and with many doubts. If you do not understand what it actually serves the disease from a biological perspective, these treatments may seem magical.

To understand this, the doctor gave Hamer first-first an example taken from the animal biology: that of a fox was found in a state of great stress for its survival. Let us imagine that a fox has not managed to catch the slightest prey for three days. Is in great stress on physical survival, when finally manages to capture a little rabbit who goes from there. Once ready to bite, to tear, to eat, the fox hears one of their worst enemies approaching: the hunter. And now the fox is located in a terrible dilemma, between two threats: if you eat the meal, to satisfy her need for food, threatens to kill his belly full and, where it burst, leaving his prey, risks may died of starvation shortly afterwards. To get out of this dilemma, he decides to swallow the entire foot rabbit to run away. At that time, another danger threatening the fox: risk of dying from bowel obstruction, because this whole leg can neither xananevei the stomach, or to continue the path into the gut. We are, says Hamer, in front of an intense and violent internal conflict associated with the need to be digested something. To solve this problem, the brain activates the perfect solution that will ensure the survival of the individual: it activates a program of production of digestive yperkyttaron wall of the stomach. Objective: The digestion of the leg that is sticking in the stomach, be five times faster and five times better.

The goal is not achieved, the brain continues to order the production of these digestive yperkyttaron who clearly have better performance than normal. But once the foot completely digested, a process of biofeedback tells the brain that the objective has been achieved. In time the brain puts an end to the program of production and gives orders to eliminate these yperkyttara, which would be dangerous if they remained in the stomach. A few days later if narcoses Fox and examine the walls of the stomach, we can observe scars, witness the recent elimination of yperkyttaron. Conclusion: thanks to this plan, the enrollee in the biological process for millions of years, the brain of Fox chose the best among all the solutions so as to ensure its survival. It not only told you yet is that these yperkyttara is what is commonly called, cancer cells of the stomach! Thus, according to Hammer and Saba, based verifications made in the laboratory, what we call a cancer cell has the same functions as a normal cell, but with multiple performances. A cancer cell stomach digests much faster and stronger than a normal cell.

A pancreatic cancer cell produces too much insulin, a breast cancer cell produces more milk, a lung cancer cell has a much greater ability to exchange oxygen blood, a kidney cancer cell is clearly more filters, etc.. Let us note, once and brought it the reason that the physician Claude Champagne (Claude Sabbah) generalized Hamer's discoveries showing that all diseases, whatever they (the most benign to the most serious), is the result of a shock or the stress experienced without the express, and activated by the brain as the perfect solution to ensure survival. Why die of our diseases Then, you tell me if these diseases are the perfect solutions that are written to the biological process to ensure our survival, because dying from cancer or other diseases? To answer this question, we must understand, how processes our brain information that comes to him.
That should be known that the brain does not distinguish between a real and an imaginary, virtual or symbolic information. To prove this, let's take a simple example; - If you suddenly find yourself standing on the edge of the parapet roof without a 20-storey building, your brain will interpret this as a real danger: will trigger a series of physiological reactions and reflective behavior (increasing the rate of adrenaline, increased heart rate, anxiety, vertigo, etc.). Here is a real process information; 

- If reading the above example, you imagined yourself in that position, probably your brain to activate the same reactions. However, we are not really in danger, because you were sitting and reading. Your brain, however, drew a fantastic information as if it was actual; - If, now, during a computer game or some film projection scenario you raise the edge of a roof with a gap underneath, scene pulled from the perspective of the hero, and if you're pretty rapt, excited in the picture, The brain will react again with the same way. Here, we will develop a virtual information as if they were actual; - And finally, if you suddenly announced that the company you work went bankrupt, when you've just taken a big loan from the bank, you'll feel the earth disappears beneath your feet.
The brain will reactivate the same reactions, although the abyss in front of you, is only symbolic. So, will develop a symbolic information as if it were real. If you understand this example, will quickly understand that what we say what we think is perceived by our brain as true information which he has an obligation to work as a supercomputer. So if talking about a friend, say: "this would not ever forgive. Will never be able to swallow," and that phrase truly reflects what you feel strongly, then the brain will take this information and symbolic the process as if it were real. If you are experiencing conflict in your relationship with another person is very strong and did not manage to express all the dissatisfaction you feel, is very likely the brain to begin production program digestive yperkyttaron (ie cancer cells) to digest what you can not digest ... The difference with the case of leg stuck in the stomach of the fox, is that if you do not reconcile with your friend, if you stay in your seats if you do not forgive, you will not ever actually digest what you did. Consequently, the brain will continue to receive the message that something has not yet digested. And obedient, will continue the program of production of tumor cells.

Guess the follow: sooner or later, because of abnormally excessive digestion capacity will begin to feel pain, food will not digest properly. You will then be diagnosed with cancer of the stomach, which doctors will try to eliminate the various means at their disposal. But you begin to guess what is likely to follow. Even if you did complete removal stomach, your brain will continue to give the mandate for the production of cancer cells in the body where it was the stomach. Some months later, doctors discovered what it called a relapse or metastasis, while it would only continue the program started your brain, based on a symbolic information about the conflict you have experienced with a friend. To go even farther if shocked by the pessimistic diagnosis of Cancerology and feel great fear of death, your brain will start a new production program yperkyttaron, lung, later identified by doctors lung cancer. And so on, until death. How to prevent diseases and how to treat? In my last book, "The language of therapy," I describe in detail the procedures, ranging from intense mental shock or high stress, and determine cause physical ailments us. Within this article it seems useless to go deeper, since the same logic applies to all diseases, regardless of the intensity and severity.

What to remember all this is that the one, the brain does not ever err on the other, that is triggering all the "diseases" in order to guarantee the individual the best chance of survival. It is obvious that the interest of such a visa is huge. Indeed, for the first time in medical history, any condition, any imbalance in our not due to chance. All occur according to immutable laws of biology of living beings, says doctor Claude Champagne. That means that if you learn the laws of New Medicine Rike Gkeert Hammer or Holistic Biology Claude Champagne, which is unchanged and the laws of physics or chemistry, you not only to understand where they come from all your ailments but mostly you can prevent them and to heal. How? Learning the fundamentals of communication in which every man should master: to express needs and feelings, to dare to be contrasted to the other (respectfully of course), to recognize and accept reality as it is, acts to be adapted to reality, to finish any unfinished emotional has with others, to forgive. Let us take these principles one by one, to look at how can we do to prevent disease or heal us ...

- To express our needs: many disappointments, many stressful situations from the fact that first, few people know about their true needs and then, even rarer are those who have the ability to express it appropriately. Therefore, accumulating hatred and grudges, we are locked into dead ends. We feel confident that something does not suit us, but we do not know how to escape. We often occur unacceptable things. However the we, because we do not know even our limits on what we want and what we want, what can and can not. To relearn to recognize our needs and our limits for what we want now, to our ability to express to our interlocutors, without fearing the consequences, this is one of the ways you can prevent or treat diseases caused by human internal conflicts and frustrations.

 - To express our feelings: The feeling is similar to the symptom. Is the index of the degree of satisfaction or dissatisfaction of our needs. A frustrated our need has appeared an unpleasant emotion (anger, sadness, fear, etc.). A need to satisfy us; a pleasant feeling will occur (joy, pleasure, etc.). Unfortunately, our education has taught us to face our emotions such as medicine treats the symptoms: to deny, to reject, to disappear. Thereby deprived of the best signs that we have to know with certainty what is good for us and what is not. This ignorance leads us to disappointment, after not having any more bright markers on the control panel, without notice even that one or more of our needs are frustrated. At this point, the brain takes the lead necessarily to enter the biological process of the institutions of the same information we had given the emotions [remember: the example of the car, if the marker lights on the control panel (the emotions) is not longer working or not taken, damage will occur in the organs of the machine (the body organs)]. To relearn So listen to our feelings, to recognize and to accept, to appreciate the fact that vigilant, we are a first station to avoid the destructive internal conflicts and stress. If, moreover, we can express our feelings in an appropriate, responsible, without attributing responsibility to others, we will very quickly regain our balance.

- Dare to be confrontational, with respect to others: how many times, difficult, tense, unpleasant situations, it was not bold enough to say things to each other, respectfully, but firmly, with courage, how often do not swallow our words for fear of provoking conflict? often are afraid to say nasty things, because we believe it preferable to maintain peace among men. But this peace is illusory, since in us may be born a strong violent emotion. Note that even this calculation is wrong: we wanted to avoid conflict, do not say what should be said. But not saying anything, we increase the feeling of frustration and resentment within us, until the situation becomes unbearable. Then, either erupt violently on the other, so is the conflict and break exactly where we wanted to avoid, or swallow our feelings again, and then is cancer or acute illness, which invites us to consider carefully the imbalance we have created ... To dare the conflict, is to learn to talk about things that annoy us, calmly, without equivocation. To learn to express honestly what is happening to us is the best way to take care of our relationships with others.

- To recognize and accept reality as it is: I have often noticed that many diseases begin when we refuse to see a situation where the resist when we do not accept what is happening to us. So, can we get in situations of internal conflict, resistance, aftoupotimisis, loss of identity or the sovereignty. And the more we fight reality, the more influence and power over us, until exhausted. Not to be fatalistic way (this is not to be human rags to accept everything without reaction, however), to accept reality is to dare to look straight at objectively, without judging. It is also changing the way we see the facts, considering them neither good nor bad: my advice is to think probably what happens to us as opportunities are offered to learn something new.

 - Our actions are geared to reality: Jung insisted much on this point. Indeed, there is no cure if we do not act real. Often, we are trapped in our internal conflicts and stress, because they dare to act. Or even worse, because we think it sufficient to realize the cause of cancer us to be healed. Wrong. Those who believed that so, have died. The action is the only way to give the brain information that the conflictual situation over. Otherwise, we saw above, the activation of the disease will never stop.

 - To finish any unfinished emotional we have with others: this concept was expressed for the first time since Kimpler Elizabeth Ross (Kübler-Ross), the elvetida doctor who emigrated to the U.S., where began the implementation of care the relief of severe patients currently prevalent throughout the world. He said that many patients end their lives, felt the absolute need to be reconciled with those with whom they come into conflict. He observed thousands of times, that once these lawsuits are closed, the patients died the same night, sober and calm. I do not have to wait until the end of our lives, in the final stage of a long and painful illness to do that. From personal experience I know that regularly closed pending cases me, helps me maintain my balance and not create unnecessary and harmful sources of stress.

-           To forgive: finally, last but not least, to forgive. No, forgive each other for the evil that might have made us, but to forgive ourselves the pain of having accepted to live so long, until they relax until the other express needs and feelings, until dare the opposition, until, finally, recognize and accept reality, until we close the remaining issues. As if surprised, responsible for the shock, the internal conflict and stress, we are never the others, or events. The way we accepted the fact, the way we understand it, interpret it, neutralize it, he always gives birth to our pain or our joy. So, eventually, with love, humor and humility, we must thank ourselves for our stupidity forgive us for the evil we did. Conclusions
-           At the end of this article, I want to draw some early conclusions.
-          First of all, it was my goal to convince you that your beliefs about health and illness is wrong. I know very well that you need to quote much more to make you change opinions. My goal was to propose a vision of what will probably be in the future understanding of disease and treatment. If any of these ideas found resonance within you, I invite you to deepen your research, learn, read books that are now beginning to emerge on the subject ... And above all, to experiment yourself with yourself, as I do, for 18 years. Then, this approach brings us a very good news: the disease is not fatal, never happens by accident. Who wants to say that changing the habits of behavior, our thinking, our emotional lives, we can finally eliminate the influence of disease on us. Moreover, even if occasionally ill, will not depend anymore from therapists who are in positions of power over us.
-          We recover, finally, our autonomy, our freedom, our self-control. And finally, as patients and as citizens, we all have the duty to inform those around us, as much as we can about these new studies, so the madness that has taken over the medical, political and economic power in relation to everything alternatively ridiculed, prove inadequate, outdated. When I see persecution where there are many therapists who have chosen to truly serve their health and the patient (and therefore no longer serve the interests of large pharmaceutical conglomerates), I know that this new form of inquisition will stop only when are enough to say directly to the classics our doctors, what we really healed. Otherwise, the disease will remain for much longer in the hands of those who have taken power over our lives and our bodies. We have the world we deserve. We have the world deserve? This will depend on us. Jean-Jacques Krevker (Jean-Jacques CREVECOEUR)