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Horoscope and health-Libra

SIGN LIBRA: Kidney, Liver Diseases
Libra controls the kidneys. Any disruption in the usually fragile and strictly balanced life scales, either by accident or as tension has a direct impact on serious kidney disorder.

 It has to do with the kidneys, bladder, prostate gland and some regulating organic exchange. All the mechanisms of organic cleaning correspond to this Ascendant (and in this sign)
The appearance of Libra, whether man or woman, is often very beautiful, with a profile written by regular line and with great finesse, which especially during the period of youth pulls the sympathy of his surroundings.

It is one of the most important of the whole Ascendant zodiac, in the sense that people were happy to conditions, which often are not even conscious. 
This is because due to the sympathy and causing a considerable fortune to have worn them and patronize their benefactors. It is modest and everything adopt a stopover.

We recognize the appearance of Libra by its beauty and in terms of character, of sociability and comfort. On the side of the physiology and severe attacks, people who have this configuration is exposed to problems with the bladder (both sexes) and problems with the prostate (men). The critical points are the neck and mouth, as well as the intestines.

Horoscope and health-Virgo

SIGN VIRGO: Abdomen, Diseases viscera

The Virgo controls the nervous system and intestines. Virgos suffer from stomach and intestinal disorders, the same as cancers. It is also the same restless and anxious, but the trend is directly related to nervous tension. It is necessary for them a measured diet and are usually vegetarians.

He rules the intestines and spleen
Physiognomy Virgo, which is a merkourian Zodiac, recognized by the great delicacy of the lines. Ethicly and the men and women are very smart people, but develop a sense of such criticisms that fall in negativity. They can not easily communicate with others and especially with the opposite sex, because the acidity of the culture and habits that do not constantly dropping in on what other signs are known or last.

Such Ascendant is best for a woman than a man, since Leo is the 12th house. Outstanding professors and critics, if are the sides of the zodiac, give them the gift of creation (which does not in itself the sign of Virgo, which is crucial barren), such a Rising allows them to classify, organize, collect. Very interested in health, but with a pessimism that characterizes them. The sexual life is not easy (especially for a man who has such a configuration). They fear the disease to a point unimaginable.

An obsessed about sexuality, makes them often to adopt a critical and totally devoid of goodness Mrs. condescension to the joys of life. From the perspective of physiology, the most common diseases are the liver and intestinal disorders, brain injuries, as well as neuritis and sexual problems.

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Indiko Ayurveda an ancient, traditional system of medicine

1. AYUS = Life, Life Force, Health2. VEDA = Integrated Knowledge, Science
Ayurveda is an ancient Indian, traditional system of Medicine, over 6000 years. Ayurveda treats man as a whole, considering the nature of the three levels of existence (physical-mental-mental). It looks at health from a holistic perspective, taking into account factors such as diet, environment (animate and inanimate) lifestyle, our way of thinking, our inheritance. Its aim is to healthy living and longevity combined with spiritual development and success.

The basic principles
In Ayurveda, man needs to live 5 elements, which are Ether, Air, Fire, Water and Earth, and exist in all creation and of course humans. Looking at just the whole thing can be said that to make the life of every human being needs food to nourish the body (Earth), water to drink (water), sun and light (Fire), air to breathe (Air) and space for its existence (Ether). The five elements of creation, there are the philosophical systems of all the peoples of the world, from ancient Greece, Egypt and Mesopotamia to China and Central America.The combinations of 5 elements that make up our bodies form the doshas: Vata, Pitta, Kapha (integrated principles that control all bodily and mental functions). 

The balance is considered in Ayurveda essential condition for perfect health. Equilibrium factors are: nutrition, movement, lifestyle and way of thinking.Once a person is born the Doshas that exist already within it, are a characteristic of him than, for physical and spiritual characteristics. For this reason in particular talking about Ayurveda Ayurvedic type or temperament.Diachrismos 

This allows us to talk about possible sickliness of each person and explain the individual's reactions to food, to external stimuli, climate and living conditions. So there are 10 Ayurvedic formulas: the three Vata, Pitta, Kapha and combinations thereof.

Types of temperamentsEach type has its special characteristics of both the part of psychology but also from the physical.

VATA - type dress
The main feature of the dress Temperament - Vata, is the movement and volatility.The main element of the type of volatility is the air which flows through all levels. These people are constantly moving and physically and mentally. They have many ideas but lack the organization, have poor memory and jumps from topic to topic. Very often have headaches, palpitations, arrhythmias, dyspnea, colitis. They are people who think constantly and deal with many things at once but rarely finish what they start.

PITTA - fiery guy
The main element of the Fire Temperament - Pitta, is the element of heat and regularity.The type of fire is the type of class. When you are dealing with something of the detail and systematization. Ataxia bothers him all he wants in place. The physical problems associated with the inflammation which is the element of sensation. Often shows ulcers in the stomach and various liver problems. Not tolerate the heat and sweat excessively.

KAPHA - Aquatic guy
The main feature of the water temper - Kapha, is slow and nochelikotitaThe type of water is the slow indolent type to its basic problems related to water retention. Are prone to thick and hard to lose weight. In the emotional area are quiet characters who are stable and do not want to change their habits. There is no particular organizational theorists but it is ideal to keep them there. Have patience and fall into place easily for others. Their memory is very strong and not get frustrated easily.

To discover your own temperament (dosha) will have to answer here :
 For each type of man, according to Ayurveda is a specific diet. Some foods should be avoided depending on the type of ayurvedic why cause imbalance in doshas.

Foods that bring balance to Pitta pressFruits
Apples, avocados, berries, dates, figs, grapes, mango, melon, pear and pineapple. Recommended the sweet fruit, not sour.

Artichokes, asparagus, broccoli, cauliflower, cucumber, celery, green beans, salads, mushrooms, parsley, peas, potatoes, zucchini. The sweet and bitter

White meat chicken and turkey, fish, freshwater prawns (not too much) is equilibrating. Have the opposite effect: veal, duck, pork, deer meat and seafood.

Herbs, Spices and Condiments
Maple syrup, concentrated fruit juice, syrup, barley, brown rice syrup and other sweeteners except honey and molasses. Coconut, coriander, cumin, fennel, pickled cucumber, mint, orange peel, mint, saffron, mint, sprouts, is equilibrating. Have the opposite effect: peppers chilli, garlic, ginger, mustard, lemon juice, mayonnaise, onions, pickles, salt, sesame seeds, sauce Soy

Butter (unsalted), cheese, cottage, moderately soft cheeses, milk cow and goat is equilibrating. Have the opposite effect: with salt butter, hard cheese, cheese.

Foods that bring balance to Vata press
FruitsApricots, avocados, bananas, berries, fresh figs, grapes, kiwi, lemons, melons, oranges, peaches, pineapple, plums, strawberries. The sweet fruit helps balance and is recommended to avoid consumption of dried fruit.

Artichokes, asparagus, beets, carrots, cucumber, green beans, leek, mustard, okra, olives, onions, potatoes, watercress, zucchini. Recommended avoid raw vegetables, cooked it considered more balanced.

Beef, chicken or turkey (white meat), duck, eggs, freshwater fish, seafood, shrimp.Herbs, Spices and CondimentsBrown rice syrup, honey, maple syrup, molasses, other sweeteners except the brown sugar, pimento, almond extract, dill, basil, bay leaves, black pepper, caraway, cardamom, chamomile, cinnamon, cloves, coriander, coconut , cheese, cottage, cumin, fennel, garlic, pickled cucumber, ginger, mustard, nutmeg, onion, oregano, oregano, parsley, mint, poppy seeds, rosemary, sage, mint, spirulina, tarragon, thyme, pickles, soy sauce, vanilla.DairyButter animal, cow's milk cheese, goat milk and cheese, yogurt. Everything in moderation.

Foods that bring balance to the press Kapha
FruitsApples, peaches, berries, cherries, dried figs, mangoes, peaches, pears, pomegranates, prunes, raisins are equilibrating. The sweet fruits like bananas and sour as lemons, oranges and grapefruit have a negative effect.

Asparagus, beets, green parts of beet, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, celery, eggplant, garlic, green beans, salad, leek, lettuce, mushrooms, okra, onions, parsley, pepper, potato, spinach, sprouts , turnips, watercress. The raw, spicy and bitter vegetables are equilibrating. Opposite action are sweet and juicy vegetables /

Dark meat chicken and turkey eggs are equilibrating. Beef, duck, freshwater fish, lamb, pork, seafood, shrimp and deer have the opposite effect.Herbs, Spices and CondimentsAromatic pepper, dill, basil, black pepper, caraway, cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, coriander, cumin, dill, garlic, ginger, mint, mustard seeds, nutmeg, onion, oregano, paprika, parsley, mint, poppy seeds, rosemary, sage , mint, tarragon, thyme, is equilibrating.

Pickled cucumber, goat milk and yogurt diluted (1:4, yogurt: water) is equilibrating. Butter, cheese, butter, animal, cow milk, ice cream and yogurt have the opposite effect

Horoscop and health-Lion

SIGN LION: Heart Back

Lion controls the heart, spine and back. The Lions with their tendency to live integrated lives, should take particular care to brake and in middle age, or they risk a heart attack.

He rules the right eye, spine and heartThe appearance of the Lion has a pronounced resemblance to the animal bearing the same name, with a mane of hair, strong or subtle character, eyes gray-blue or golden blotches.

 Contrary to what many astrologers say, the sign is not generally gives only moderate vitality. Having Cancer in 12th house are often the problems of nutrition.Besides the fish in the 8th gives a tendency to endocrine abnormalities

However, if there is no violent appearance to contest the Sun, is the vitality in all areas show a rapid physical decline. Such Ascendant increases the importance of emotional life which makes man creator, but rarely does the field of heart happy, since the sign of Leo is critically Solar and Sun is not identified with any other star.

The ideals and subtlety do not allow men or women be thrown into brutal adventures. In the field of physiology, the most common insults are abnormalities of the heart and spine, as well as eye problems.

Horoscop and health-Cancer

Stomach, IndigestionThe Zodiac Sign Cancer controls the stomach and feeder roads. These cancers tend to upset them and to worry excessively prone to indigestion and ulcers, so we are always delicate health. The mammary glands are closely linked to Cancer, the sign of motherhood.

He rules the stomach, the great sympathetic system, the left eye, digestion and nutrition, enzymesThe appearance on Cancer recognized by some obesity due mostly to water retention. Men or women who have a Cancer Ascendant hate sports apart from swimming and nourish love for the holidays and social life. Are people more socially entire zodiac. Devote themselves around and have a highly developed sense of family. 

External conditions affect them too.This Ascendant gives a remarkable dose sensitivity. In their eyes the food is very important, this is somehow a social ritual, a communion. They have high fertility and passive luck plays all the shots. 

From the physiological point of view and with very serious offenses, the most common diseases are nutritional abnormalities, tumors and degenerative diseases.The thermotherapy and trace elements can resubmit their health as well as fasting.

 Unfortunately, in general, prefer a more simple therapeutic method consisting in taking many pharmaceutical preparations.

Horoscop and health-Gemini


 Hands, Lungs
Gemini control nerves, arms and shoulders. The Twins have a propensity to fractures and joints in the arms. The Zodiac is also controls the lungs and often a cold turns into bronchitis. These people are restless and constantly nervous.

He rules the lungs, fingers and hands as nervesThe appearance of twins is often fragile with a very elegant lines and a real beauty. Recognize them quickly because those who have such an Ascendant can not stay for long in place and feel the need of an external stimulus. Unlike the Ascendant although implies some instability, as a counterpart gives very physical skill and grace.

But people can not persist for more than one attempt. The nerves are very fragile and if their sex life is not quite satisfactory, exposed to all kinds of depression. Generally characterized by the desire for change. And it is hard to stay loyal for a long time in a given situation.

On the physiological side, if slight, the most common diseases are the nervous disorders the pulmonary tuberculosis disease and paralysis. The diseases of the central nervous system leading to sexual problems (impotence or frigidity).

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Migraine and alternative cure

The migraines are not just a headache, that can pass coming out in the fresh air, and perhaps taking a mild painkiller. O of migraine pain is unbearable and disturbs the whole body. Located on one side of the head-hence the term "migraine" - but can be dispersed throughout the head or alternating from one side of the head to another. 

On the lines below, you can learn about alternative methods of treating migraines. Remember, though, two things: first that an effective treatment is important to take a good history of the therapist who will ask, and secondly that alternative treatments are not magic! We need to help you avoid the situation as far as possible, everything that you know your triggers crises.

The "identity" of a migraine attackBefore the crisis, 25% of the cases presented, the aura, characterized by changes in the perception of light (eg, "floaters," "ASTRAKA"), muscle weakness and extreme changes of mood (eg depressed ).Pain of the head is throbbing (impulsive). Often accompanied by nausea, vomiting and worse from light, noise and odor.The factors that trigger a crisis is psychological, and physical stress (exposure to cold, the weather changes, fatigue and lack of sleep) and the empty stomach (due to hypoglycaemia). 

Moreover, a crisis triggers are certain foods (eg cheese, chocolate, alcohol), food intolerances, and some nutritional deficiencies (riboflavin, magnesium).The frequency of seizures varies-may occur once a month or a week, but in severe cases can occur even daily. A crisis usually lasts a few hours, but may be passed even after three days! Those who suffer from frequent seizures, usually present before another type headache, tension headache (described as tightness in the head with severe pain in the neck), which triggers the mechanism of migraine.

A women's issue Estrogen, the predominantly female hormones believed to play a role in the onset of migraines (eg at the beginning of the monthly cycle).

Homeopathy: It solves the problemO goal of homeopathic treatment is to gradually reduce the intensity and frequency of migraine attacks, aiming to stop them completely. Homeopathic remedies, however, are not painkillers. They work by "energy", reinforcing the forces of the body. If the proper selection of homeopathic medicine depends on the temperament of the patient, these are often granted:
• Belladona: The classic image of administration of Belladonna is flushing the head and cold extremities. O pain is located mainly on the right side of the head. O patient is particularly bothered by light and noise. He wants to lie down, as long as the crisis. Relieved by cold compresses.
• Lachesis: O pain of migraine is located on the left side of the head. O sufferer feels that he went up the blood on his head and wants cool compresses. Is in tension and feel a strong need to chatter, to defuse the tension he feels - and if that sounds strange. The Lachesis is more common in women.
• Spingelia: O pain is located on the left side of the head, especially behind the left eye, neck and reflected. The face is pale and cold and the sufferer is sick.
• Sanguinaria: O pain of migraine is located behind the right eye and reflects on the neck. O is suffering vomiting and discomfort in the heat.
• Pulsatila: It female patients. The characteristics of the crisis is not much. Typically, migraine occurs after a distress or because of exposure to the sun or in an enclosed space and the sufferer feels better when found in cooler environment.
• Lycopodium: O pain of migraine is located on the right side of the head and spreads throughout the head. The crisis is manifested in the afternoon between 15.00 and 20.00. Often the sufferer has digestive problems (flatulence).

Acupuncture: "turns away" migrainesO contributes acupuncture, proven in the treatment of migraine-preventive mainly by reducing the intensity and frequency of the problem, but directly, the hour of crisis.  Acupuncture is highly effective (80%) in relieving tension headaches prior to the migraines, "breaking" so the vicious cycle that leads to migraine. 

Regarding the actual migraine crisis, before which there occurs tension headache, acupuncture is effective in 50% of cases.Some of the classic points where needles are placed the therapist is at the temples, forehead, between eyebrows, ears, back of head, neck, back of the hand where the thumb joins the index, as and foot, where it joins the first finger with the second. Primarily, though, acupuncture points determined by the detailed history of the individual.

Herbs that relieveSome herbs help treat migraines, especially when taken preventively (3 times a week). The herbs can benefit you are:
• The Mint: The action is analgesic, sedative, antispasmodic, diuretic and emollient (avoid, but if you have heavy bleeding days of menstruation).
• The Passion: The Passion of the leaves are rich in flavonoids. It is an herb with soothing, antispasmodic and sedative properties (avoid taking if you are taking antidepressants type MAO - inhibitors of mono-Amino-oxidase)
.• Lavender: The flowers have sedative, antispasmodic and relaxing action. Its capacity to stimulate the uterus, it is recommended to avoid pregnancy
.• The linden: The flowers and leaves of linden have sedative and antispasmodic action. It helps you relax and relieve tension.
• Valerian: The root of valerian is a painkiller and hypnagogic effects, improves digestion, reduces stress and acts as an anticonvulsant muscle (avoid, however, taking the drugs along with hypnagogic).
• The melissa: The herb calms the nervous system. It has sedative, antispasmodic and soothing properties
.• Chamomile: It is ideal to combat migraines. It repressive anxiety and nervous tension.
• The Louise leaves and flowers are antispasmodic and tonic action.How to prepare. Take one teaspoon of the herb in a cup with boiled water and leave it covered for 8-10. " Also, a practical solution is the tincture (sold in pharmacies). Put 4-5 drops of the tincture in a cup with hot water, add some lemon juice and drink.
Reflexology is effectiveReflexology is a technique of pressure on certain points (the limbs and ears) to "match" reflexes in each organ.Reflexology can relieve a migraine attack directly, but primarily helps precaution discharging the body from tension and strengthening its defense. Then, we mention some key points by pressing the (dynata!) can relieve pain (pressing a hand or ear to the side of the head that hurts you).

The fingers of the hand. Press the circular motion with fingers one by one, both in length and the sides. Maintain pressure for 1 '. The fingers correspond to the head and the base of the fingers on the neck. If your migraine is located in front of the head, insist more on the area around the nail and on it.
O ear lobe. With the index finger and your thumb, push hard in your ear lobe to 40 "using a circular motion. O lobe corresponding to the head. If the pain is located in front of the head, then apply pressure to the inside of the pod (to your cheek).
O thumb. Press firmly for 1 'base of the nail, and out the side of the thumb at the height of the flange and a little below. Release your finger to push each "lakkouvitsa" it encounters in its path. This region corresponds to the neck.

The ozone therapyToday, many doctors apply ozone therapy to treat migraines and indicate that success rates exceed 85%. The ozone therapy is applied as follows: 
Doctor takes blood (100-150 ml), which collects in a blood bag (as is also the donation). Then, with ozone and enriches your epanametangizei immediately - without the needle out of hand.
Precise mechanism of this method is not fully known: It is assumed that it acts at the level of neurotransmitters in the brain. The ozone therapy is effective for the treatment of tension headache, only in this case with ozone injections made directly on the muscles in contraction (eg, neck, temples).

Shiatsu helpsShiatsu is a traditional Japanese method (meaning "finger pressure") exerted the same parts of the body to which it applies and acupuncture, to relieve the body's vital energy. Apply preventive, but may offer immediate relief, so I mention some key points (always choose the edge that is on the same side as the side of your head hurts).
The angle between the forefinger and thumb. Grasp with thumb and forefinger of your other hand here in the back of your hand and then, using a circular motion for 1 '. In this way, the discharged energy of the large cavities of the body (head, respiratory and gastrointestinal system).
O neck. With 3 fingers of your hand (index, middle, ring finger) press 1 ', using a circular motion, the "lakkouvakia" formed at the base of the skull. This pressure relieves tension in neck and head.
O fruit. Press 2 for the entire area around your wrist, where it joins the palm. "Scan" the area, focusing on the side "grooves." The pressure of these points helps in defusing tension in the neck and head.
Essential oils soothe the painSome essential oils can help relieve the immediate pain of migraine, because, inter alia, sedative, analgesic and sedative effect. These include lavender, chamomile, peppermint, bergamot, marjoram and verbena. 
The essential oils you can use:In aroma lamp: Take 3 drops of each essential oil (up to three different) in an aromatic lamp. Once you begin to boil, then for 5-10 breaths. "In compresses: In a bowl with lukewarm water, add 2 drops bergamot and 2 drops of chamomile. Dip a cotton cloth and then compresses the head.
 But if you know that your migraine is triggered because of an allergic sensitivity, prefer cold compresses with lavender and mint.
Massaging the temples: Pour into a 10 ml glass chamomile oil and add 6 drops of essential oil of marjoram.Then massage the neck and temples.