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Herbs of Crete

Herbs of Crete and their use

Is usually the main ingredient in a decoction wonderful aroma and flavor with other natural flavor and also very good for health herbs. Collect from May - August. It is beneficial in diseases of the circulatory system of the human body against respiratory problems, digestion and keep complete prerequisites for a strong deal of colds and coughs. Especially the use of honey (hot beverage) is the ideal remedy for sore throats.

Chamomile (Marticaria chamomila)

Collected from April to June while apoxirenetai and use throughout the year. Crete is everywhere especially in fallow sites. Characterized as anti-inflammatory, antiallergic, kataparafntiko and high quality antiseptic use. Eat hot as usual decoction combined with other Cretan herbs, combining perfect relaxation and combating insomnia.

Sage (Salvia fruticosa)
Collect from April until OCTOBER, is one of the most important herbs of Crete and indeed the global name of the manifest fully. Salvia comes from the Latin word meaning salvare "save" considering the precious to the human body. Consider antiperspirant upstream sore throat and headache, against lung diseases, but think outside the other and as a diuretic and haemostatic drug. Usually drunk as a decoction with other important herbs like chamomile.

Dittany (Dittany) Origanum dicatmus
Bloom and collect during the same period from June and October. The herb is probably the most erotic, and yet more dangerous as to the collection since grows in steep cliffs and steep hillsides. Definitely will wonder why called "Dittany". But of course, because anyone who wanted to show his girlfriend how much he loves her, offered her dittany considering it a very bold venture. Use aromatizing beverages (mainly wine and liqueur) San medicinal herb medicine is one of the most important one and has the ability to activate the epoulema wounds so that the patient annarosei quickly. Ideal for stomach ache and sore throat.

Marjoram (Origanum majorana)

Collect in sumer time while also believe that it has antiseptic, antispasmodic, digestive properties and

Peppermint (Mentha x piperita)
The bloom is June to August and collect the same period and is considered one of the most important herbs. It is indigestion, nerve disorders and insomnia. Aromatic usually use it in ice cream in sauces and salads mostly because the smell is very strong and gives a special flavor to the tasty salad.

It is aromatic - medicinal. The flowers are efstomacha. antitussives. emollients anticonvulsants, diuretics, expectorants antikatarroika, antipachyntika and diaphoretic. Blooms in June - July.

Oregano (Origanum Vulgare)
Considered one of the most important herbs of Crete against diarrhea, abdominal spasms, as well as the poison used for toothache.

 Laurel (Laurus nobilis)
Many do not know the properties and yet can not appreciate the usefulness of the bushy tree "laurel." Formerly used to strengthen the hair and the decoction was used to anoint States and in parts of the body, suffering from rheumatism or contusions muscles.'s Very useful for indigestion and for the proper functioning of the stomach.

Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis)
Formerly used as a drink in headaches as ideal for migraines. Considered by experts that frequent use is ideal hair loss on the scalp. Is antibacterial, antiseptic and very diegergetiko of traffic, as well as insomnia

 Basil (Ocimum basilicum)
Use as a flavoring in Cretan dishes, as well as to flavor the oil in combination either alone or with other herbs also fragrant.
Relieves migraines, severe headaches, from stomatitis, as well as soothe cramps. Previously used for mashed the soothing action of scorpion sting, bite bee, or irritation from stinging nettle.

It kills bacteria, fungi and germs from surfaces such as barrels. Also used against diarrhea.

It is well known to all our plant grown in almost all the orchards and gardens. Cooling, diuretic, valuable body and contains a lot of water, perfect for a slimming and is very low in calories and very filling for the stomach . Old thought that was used in medicine for the gravel, the constipation, kidney disease and general bloating stomach, and the skin as a face mask until absorbed all the liquid substance of our skin.

A truly valuable vegetable artichoke also, we can find it in gardens, orchards and all sorts of other vegetables. Removes cholesterol from our blood grace the diuretic action. It shrub and reaches approximately 1 to 2 meters. The most useful of the day considered artichoke leaves and the root.
Serves as a vegetable in cooking and in medicine as it is considered as one the most healing herb. A very important ingredient contained therein is kynarini and proven to significantly reduce the levels of cholesterol and triglycerides in the body, as also shown by academic studies that stimulates bile secretion and is used in the treatment of liver failure and incomplete digestion . Also there are many who say that it serves to arteriosclerosis, rheumatism, itching and sluggishness.

What can we say about this ethereal flower with the intoxicating aroma and dazzlingly beautiful flower. The unique fragrance! That is why there is essential oil of honeysuckle. Usually used by the old naturalists for skin infections and insomnia.

We all know the almond tree and generally leaves and bark of the latter is particularly useful, since many have characterized as a medicinal plant. Normally use for baldness, freckles, burns and nausea.
It's just what we call wild lettuce (public spat oporokipeftikou "lettuce").
Use of medicine for insomnia, light cough and anxiety. It also reduces the pain in joints.

Herb that is easily found in many homes and even in pots and not among vegetables, and feel like a decorative flower with this special scent that can give any space.
The useful part of this plant are beautiful flowers that can collect in late August and the drain. The usefulness of the very old days were really admirable and a very miraculous to dizziness to fainting, the gravel and constipation.

Very useful herb in medicine and suggest an anti-depression, exhaustion and insomnia. Considered one of the very good tonic of the nervous system through vitamins that contain so-called "tannin."

Friday, November 2, 2012

Ganoderma Lucidum, a miracle of the nature

Organic Germanium is a mineral that is present in many therapeutic herbs like garlic,aloe vera, chlorella, ginseng and so on. However it is found abundant in Ganoderma.

The mineral helps to deliver oxygen to the cells, it also improves tissues function and enhancing one's overall health. The clinical report of the Japan Cancer Association correlated organic germanium with lowering of blood pressure. The research even demonstrated the decrease in Retinal or Eye blood pressure in patients taking the mineral. This translates to better eye health for the diabetics and the elderly. Other studies show that organic germanium improves the Immune Functions by induces the production of interferon level according to the Journal of interferon Research published in 1984. It has an anti-tumor effect according to Japanese research paper.

Many ganoderma researchers have claimed that Ganoderma has the advantage of having the highest concentration pf organic germanium among the therapeutic herbs today. According to Dr Asai in
Japan: Ganoderma has 800-2000ppm; Ginseng 250-320ppm; Garlic 754 ppm; Aloe vera 77 ppm; Chorella 76 ppm.

In my opinion, any wholesome food, a simple example an orange, one of the important vitamins in an orange is vitamin C. However, this vitamin C is in the orange, we cannot measure in weight how many mg of Vitamin C is in an orange. When we take oranges as a whole, no matter how many oranges we are taking, we will Not be overdose of Vitamin C because it is in the wholesome form. However, if we extract the vitamin C from the orange into VITAMIN C pills, then we are able to measure the amount of vitamin C in mg. The process of extract of vitamin C disturb the nature of the food, and some chemicals has to be added to stable the Vitamin C, this can cause Vitamin C over dose and side effects.

The same principal applies in Ganoderma. All the important nutrients are found in the spores of ganoderma. It is a wholesome food, the concentration Organic Germanium depends very much on:
1. Ganoderma Species
2. Age of ganoderma
3. Method of extraction of spores
4. Concentration of the spores
5. Method of cracking the shells of the spore to improve bio-availability of absorption of nutrients

DXN uses the Red mushroom, and uses tissues culture from a Healthy Mother plant to produce healthy mushrooms. Mushrooms mature at 3 months old and need to be harvested st the right time; otherwise the spores will fly away for reproduction purpose, and we will loose the spores, which is the main concentration of the Ganoderma nutrients.

DXN uses cold method to dehydrate the mushroom, and uses DXN own technology to separate the fiber and the spores; the concentration of the mushroom is 20:1 (20 kg mushroom obtain 1 kg spores)

DXN uses own technology to crack the shell of the spore without using any heat, as heat can destroy most of the nutrients in ganoderma.

You are rest assured DXN Ganoderma contains high concentration of NUTRIENTS for healing purpose, I have used it for 11 years not only to my needy customers, but my family members have benefited, especially my father who was pronounced by medical doctor to have only 3 months to live because of late stage prostate cancer, today he is still alive because I belief in DXN Ganoderma!

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