Saturday, February 22, 2014

The unique benefits of rosemary in our health


 Rosemary is an herb native to the Mediterranean, although it is now grown in large areas in both Europe and America . Rosemary was very popular in ancient times , due to the properties attributed to it.

Specifically , they believed that it can stimulate and strengthen memory , with students in ancient Greece to put sprigs of rosemary on their heads during the period of the examination , and the mourners to place the aromatic herb in the graves of the dead as a symbol of remembrance thereof.

Today , its use is widespread in cooking where added to impart a unique flavor and taste to the meat , fish , salads and the various dressings.

Modern science come to confirm the unique benefits for human health . Rosemary contains compounds that can induce stimulation of the immune system , improve blood circulation and digestion process .

At the same time , contains compounds that exert anti - inflammatory properties, which may help reduce the severity of asthma crisis .

In addition , rosemary has been shown to increase blood flow to the head and brain resulting in improved concentration , confirming the views were about in Ancient Greece .

So choosing rosemary to improve the flavor of our dishes we benefit not only a delicious and yet beneficial to our health choice.