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The alatotherapeia(cure using salts) known since ancient times as an experience rejuvenation of body and spirit. 
The Rock salt is used therapeutically in its natural form without requiring any additional processing.

Hippocrates of Kos was using the salt for healing purposes.

In the early 20th century observed that alatorychoi showed reduced respiratory problems, which led to rehabilitation clinics near the old salt mines (Wieliczka, Bochnia in Poland).

Patients with respiratory and skin problems come down to the salt mines for
15-20 minutes of relaxation on a daily basis. 
The results were very positive, the condition of patients to make visible improvement.

Today alatotherapeia(salttherapy) is widespread in many countries of
Europe, Russia and the USA.
Russia, mechanisms of diffusion of salt is approved as medical devices by the Ministry of Health, and the website of the Ministry of Health, U.S. out case studies on the beneficial effects of alatotherapeias.

The most common method of salttherapy is staying in suitably shaped salt caves.
The secret cave salt
Salt Caves is simple: the air circulating is enriched with trace elements and ions are absorbed by the body and lead to relaxation, rejuvenation and balance the body.

The salt contains 84 elements, while the high crystalline structure allows the cellular absorption of nutrients and restore the balance of alkali and electrolytes in the body.
Salt caves commonly used in the world known for its quality and purity of the Polish and Pakistani rock salt, in conjunction with Sea Salt from the
Dead Sea. By using appropriate air conditioning salt mines, salt returns to the air Saltcave large amounts of vital minerals for the human body.

How many sessions are needed?
Usually we have produced impressive results even from the first session, especially if the problem is recent. 
It needed but a circle of about 10 sessions over 30 days to establish a complete rejuvenation of the body.Always, of course, take into account the specificity of a particular organization and the seriousness of the situation we face.
Why do Alatotherapeia

According to many surveys and studies on the microclimate of Saltcave has beneficial value, both in pregnant women and in several cases of disturbances
of the human body such as respiratory infections, cardiovascular diseases and many other

                                     Ayuverda, an "old" way on the road to health.                                               

The word "Ayurveda" in accordance with the syntax in Sanskrit (ancient Indian), is male (as the word "Yoga").For the sake of euphony, and perhaps custom syntax of the Greek language, these words usually found in the female.Ayurveda "the science of healthy living and longevity" as often said, is rooted in Vedic culture of ancient India.This is the medical branch of Vedic literature which comprises 27 disciplines. So it is an ancient Indian, traditional system of medicine over the age of 6000 years.

Integrated Ayurvedic healing methods have always fascinated the doctors and therapists. It is said that Hippocrates, the greatest representative of ancient Iarikis was inspired from ayurvedic teaching. It was also the foundation of ancient Egyptian and Tibetan therapies. This is a system of preventive and curative medicine.

Ayurveda treats man as a whole, considering the nature of the three levels of existence (physical-mental-emotional). Examines the disease from a holistic perspective, taking into account factors such as diet, environment (animate and inanimate) either at home or at work, our lifestyle and our thinking, our inheritance.The aim is to healthy living and longevity combined with the spiritual evolution and success.

The combinations of 5 elements that make up our body (ether, air, fire, water, earth) form the doshas (the integrated principles that control all bodily and mental functions) Vata, Pitta, Kapha. The balance is considered in Ayurveda key to perfect health. Equilibrium factors are: diet, movement, lifestyle and thinking. From the moment a person is born the Doshas existing instruments, are a characteristic for this relationship on the physical and spiritual characteristics. For this reason Tinh in Ayurveda Ayurvedic talking about a specific type or idiosygrasia. Diachrismos This allows us to talk about possible sickliness of each person and explain the individual's reactions to food, to external stimuli, climate and living conditions. So there are 10 Ayurvedic types: Vata, Pitta, Kapha and their combinations.

Prevention plays a decisive role in Ayurvedic medicine, which takes into account all aspects of human life, its deep understanding of the nature of every man and his attempt to harmonize with the rhythms of creation.Where are the various therapeutic approaches. Taking for granted that every man is an absolute health area, which lies at the deepest level of consciousness, various therapeutic methods used to reach that inner source and to restore that harmonious balance of body, spirit and soul. If you restore this balance in samhita it released forces that help us to heal ourselves so we use our own "internal pharmacy". Also there are many Ayurvedic treatments that help to heal itself HUMAN (Ayurvedic herbal medicine, aromatherapy, music therapy, color therapy, diet, physical exercises, yoga).

Adopting the ayurvedic approach does not abandon the contract, but extend it. The blend of Ayurveda and Western medicine brings together the ancient wisdom and modern science, both of which have proved quite consistent.

"The man is healthy when the functions of the body such as metabolism, digestion, the consistency of the tissues and excreta are in equilibrium when the soul


Homeopathy: the "other" medicalPrinciples of HomeopathyFor homeopathy are not ill, sick. Each patient is a special case. Therefore, homeopathy is holistic medicine.Treating the patient as a whole single.Symptoms are the external expression of internal disorder of the body.

 If you do not return in tune internal disorder, may be made to treat a temporary elimination of a symptom.Homeopathy works by stimulating the defense of the human body pin, so that there is harmony in leigourgies at all levels: physical and mental or psychological.As man is part of nature, so the illness, but the treatment must be based on laws of nature.The technology has given us devices. 

At a crucial moment we can use all means to sustain life and relieve symptoms. FY Homeopathy is not competitive with conventional medicine. Treatment is something else. It is the permanent restoration of health.The range of diseases treated with peer-opathitiki is very large. Also successfully treats acute and chronic health disorders. Generally, one might say, that not pure surgical problems and that they can help organizations defense forces are minimized or disappear (AIDS, advanced cancer, terminal stages of chronic failure of vital organs, etc.).

Apart from these situations, each case must be examined individually and asked the homeopath doctor for its potential to intervene therapeutically.Homeopathic treatment is predominantly preventive and especially if you start out from an early age.Personalized Medicine. Every body is unique. Is unique and impaired health.The organization to address a disease agent mobilizes the defense mechanism of a particular way.

Homeopathy to restore harmony strengthens the body's defenses in the same way he chose.Each homeopathic medicine is a natural substance that stimulates the body in some way. If you fit in this picture body response to the same drug that we know that mobilizes the body in the same way, comes healing.For example, if two patients have headaches, you probably will get a different medicine according to this particular picture of symptoms present during the headache. 

GM is saying that homeopathy does not cure the symptom but the patient.The Homeopathic DoctorThe homeopathic doctor has done the same study with his colleagues and has realized several times the inability to bring true healing to the patient with conventional medicine. Selects the method of homeopathy when it is satisfied that it is a valuable therapeutic tool in his hands. As homeopathy is for patients with any disorder, the homeopath can not be considered an expert in the classical sense ... Homeopathic treatment can be used by all specialties.

Like every doctor, homeopath record a complete patient history. But mostly interested in the particularities concerning the temperament of the character, the psyche of the patient, and the reactions to the weather, his preferences in nutrition, stops during sleep, etc.In the 21st centuryIn an era of progress and rapid technological change, man is constantly sick and unfortunately heavier diseases, despite the hard work of doctors and scientists to address effectively.

The need for treatment of patients urged the public and doctors in traditional medicine such as homeopathy and acupuncture, and other methods to strengthen the defense of the human body toward specific pathogens.Homeopathic medicine is not a panacea. But it can enhance the natural, gentle and effective way part of nature that is man.

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