Tuesday, December 13, 2011

What is TCM?The traditional Chinese acupuncture, traditional Chinese herbal medicine, Traditional Chinese Nutrition, Qi Gong, the Tai ji Chuan and Medical Tuina is used by the Chinese for at least 2000 years. There are several historical evidence that basic forms existed 6000 years ago.

How is the diagnosis and treatment of disease?

Before you begin any form of therapy, Traditional Chinese Medicine is based on the investigation of the root, and the mechanism of disease symptoms. For the practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the symptoms are nothing more than a child crying, asking for attention. " As nobody 'stuffs a child crying, but would try to learn what you need and why cry so, a good practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine is based on four diagnostic tools (eye, ear / nose, question, pulse, analysis of language ) specifies the location and nature of the disease (indoor-outdoor, cold, heat, excess-deficiency, YinYang), exposing the underlying causes of disease, the mechanism and the level of the event, identify the syndrome on the basis of the imbalance and, only then, make the beginning of treatment, choose the appropriate treatment.

Where is being teached and practiced in China?

The Traditional Chinese Medicine is practiced throughout China elected in special hospitals, controlled by the Chinese Health Authorities and taught at the Universities of Traditional Chinese Medicine where students can obtain a Bachelor's degree and where those who wish to continue their studies, they can obtain and Master and Doctorate. In panepistimai are also taught Western medicine to a level considered adequate for students of Traditional Chinese Medicine, although it includes the full range of issues and to the extent required for the medical preparation.Foreigners wishing to study Traditional Chinese Medicine in China, they can make. The universities have annual programs (in English or Japanese) for foreign students. In this time period, students learn the basic education that is essential for anyone who wants to deal with the practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine. This program normally prepares students to handle basic clinical cases with acupuncture and herbology. 

Students wanting to study in China and to obtain a Bachelor's degree can do, but these courses are taught, usually only in Chinese. In periptosi this a test of Chinese language, which must be requested, is required.Students who have been trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine in Europe and already have a Bachelor's degree may pursue further studies in China. Besides being required to submit a degree of competence in Chinese language, should also take an entrance examination in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Doctors of Traditional Chinese Medicine receive full recognition in China without having previously attended a formal education in Western medicine.Taught in Europe?Traditional Chinese medicine is usually taught in Europe by private institutes, except few universities (eg the universities of Westminster, in Middlesex, and York in Great Britain and the University of Antwerp in Belgium where he designed a special curriculum for students of Traditional Chinese Medicine, without requiring them to have previously gained a degree in Western Medicine. 
Normally a student must hold a diploma in secondary education.The university's medical Milan (Italy) among others, teaching tradition from Chinese acupuncture at Master only to doctors. This program follows the requirements of Bologna (and next), which regulate anotati ekapidefsi the European Community: 60 ECTS with 500 hours of instruction

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