Thursday, January 12, 2012

What to eat to loose weight

Seven double miracle foods'aid' burn fat faster and also give the feeling of satiety, so get enough and consume fewer calories ...

Oranges: "kill" the flabA Clockwork Orange principle has only 56 calories and if anything is in abundance this season. Located in the highest position in the list of 38 foods containing the highest 'saturation index' and the fibers of fighting fat.According to surveys, people who eat foods with fiber is less flab.

Eggs: energy and proteinThe eggs, with only 78 calories in one, not only provide all the nutrients, but you "fill" proteins that give the impression that you're full. A breakfast of eggs will satisfy you enough and you "get" about 330 fewer calories than to eat something else.And if you want a healthy fried egg, you can use a nonstick pan is first sprayed with a little oil. By doing this morning you will be crunchy, tasty and less "sinful."

Dark chocolate: sweet "temptation"Research has shown that if you eat dark chocolate, the next meal you will eat less. The reason is that the ingredients of chocolate slows digestion so make you feel fuller for longer. Moreover, a chocolate bar with 170 calories, may reduce the appetite for something salty, sweet or greasy.

Pine: forget almondsAlthough we wont eat them, maybe now it's time to start. The 15 grams (84 grains around pine) have only 95 calories, have acids that are friendly to the heart and produce hormones that "fool" the feeling of hunger.

Cheese: the salty allyThe feta and goat cheese ... work in your favor. The 15 grams have only 76 calories, get enough and contribute actively to burn more fat.

Skim milk: not just for kidsHe has just 86 calories a cup and although most believe it is ideal only for the proper development of children, research shows that benefits particularly adults, particularly those trying to "burn" some calories. The protein content gives a greater sense of satisfaction in the body than any other beverage that contains sugar.

Potatoes: the misunderstood foodThe potato is known to contain carbohydrate. Which classifies the non-diet foods. But if a potato has 161 calories, gives the feeling of satiety, three times more than a slice of white bread. And do not forget of course that the resistant potato starch helps the body burn fat. Therefore, to solve the misunderstanding, the cooking method that makes a potato fattening and not the product itself.

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