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What is Homeopathy;

Homeopathy is a natural healing system that can cure a multitude of diseases. First Hippocrates stated the law of similars, "like omoiois eisin remedies", which is based on homeopathic medicine.Homeopathy treats the body holistically. In homeopathy there are no diseases but patients. This follows from the fact that in homeopathy the sufferer person is treated as an indivisible unity alliloepireazomenon psychic, mental and physical functions. 
This means that instead considers the symptoms of a disease as spam, sees them as part of the natural process of self-healing the body from disease. Instead of suppressing symptoms, homeopathic doctors give substances which stimulate the immune and healing mechanism of the human body.

Treatment in Homeopathy focuses on holistic insight, and not just the disease from which one suffers. This means that two people who suffer from the same disease, can take two different medications and have a different prognosis. This is because each patient is treated as a whole, rather simplistically, like a machine that consists of disconnected parts.

Which diseases can Homeopathy cure;

Homeopathy effectively treats symptoms of mental (px anxiety, phobias, memory disorders, insomnia, depression), somatic symptoms (px acne, headaches, hypertension, fatigue, stomach-intestinal problems, hormonal disorders, period, pregnancy & erection, allergies) acute infections and viral infections (px otitis, bronchitis, sinusitis, tonsillitis, urinary tract).The above mentioned diseases are indicative - Homeopathy covers the entire spectrum of human diseases, mental, emotional and physical level. Read more about what conditions facing homeopathy.

Can Homeopathy help me;H Homeopathy can help all patients, others more and others less. This does not depend on homeopathic medicines, but the potential for cure of each patient. Even better results - regardless of illness - may await those who
1) those who have not taken their lives large doses of allopathic medicines (especially antibiotics, cortisone and hormones), regardless of age, and
2) those who have good klironomiko history (parents died in old age, no major health problems).
3) where the disorder is still operating, mainly in nature and no severe pathological lesions at the early stages of chronic diseases.Certainly, those who are already taking chemical drugs they can find in homeopathy. Homeopathy can be combined with conventional medicine in any case necessary. 

Excluding certain drugs (eg cortisone) is not necessary to interrupt the chemical drugs to follow along and homeopathic treatment.Even in cases where because of the long established major pathological lesions can not offer a cure, homeopathy can offer a significant improvement in psychology and intellect of the individual, and stop / delay further progression.
Prognosis - course and yearThe timing and the extent to which will benefit every patient is different and depends on many factors. In summary, the important ones are:

1. hereditary predisposition

2. years from diagnosis: the earlier addressed in homeopathy one patient, the easier the treatment

3. degree and type of pathological lesions

4. disease: a generally very positive prognostic factor when the patient is able to display a fever of more than 38 acute infections or chronic diseases5. previous use / abuse of chemical medicines (antibiotics, steroids, hormones, etc.)6. age: the young patient of the clinic is a positive factor7. 

Concomitant use of other chemical medicines concomitant intake of chemical drugs to homeopathy, sometimes makes it difficult and sometimes impractical to treat.Prognosis for an individual patient can only be made after receipt of the full medical and homeopathic history. The majority of patients the average health important results achieved in 1-2 months of treatment.

 For diseases which persist in very general terms, we need 2 to 3 months per year of homeopathic treatment of pathology. Overall, the results of homeopathic treatment is permanent, and need no lifetime taking homeopathic medicines, except as necessary to stabilize the health status of the patient.
What does homeopathy;

During treatment avoid taking coffee, antibiotics and cortisone as these substances are known antidote (disable) the action of homeopathic medicines. 

Allowed to measure the consumption Decafeine coffee and Coca-Cola and other drugs. Show details which substances can antidotisoun homeopathic treatmentYou need to watch something;

Avoid using multiconcoction homeopathic drugs available in pharmacies, ie compounds containing several homeopathic medicines in low potencies often, and are usually given eg for colds, headaches, etc.

Also, if your doctor changes systematically (and often repeatedly) drugs (for chronic diseases), ie every 1 month or more often, probably need to change doctor. In classical homeopathy properly applied, is a product every time, and enough time to determine what changes are made, and if the same was needed by the body.

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