Thursday, September 1, 2011

Kindey Desease

Burnt out and loosing hope about your Kidney Disease? Drop everything and read every word on this page... the next few minutes could change your life completely..
Leading US Nephrologists Strongly Believe... There Is Lack Of Effective Care Among Kidney Disease Patients.
More Strongly, I Believe it took them soo long to realize this fact.
Here's why: 
Since late 1990's, a lot of medical journal articles have been springing like mushrooms showing feasibility of delaying the progression of kidney diseases through diet treatments. They have been well documented and well received by the leading nephrologists from renowned hospitals in the country. 
The sad reality is... Patients never receive these treatments.
Untreated kidney/renal failures progress to end stage renal disease or ESRD. This is the point where dialysis or kidney transplantation become inevitable.

To add credibility to this, the US Renal Data system for 1999 even states "1 out of 5 people withdraws from dialysis before death". Think about that for a second. Do you really want this to happen to you?
In a recently conducted review, medical records of an insanely large number of kidney patients were examined. The records reviewed totalled 157,057 kidney disease patients in what have become one of the largest medical reviews ever done. 

Data showed  60% had abnormal albumin concentrations indicating malnutrition, 51% had some form of anemia, diabetes and kidney stone formation.
Researchers of the said review concluded "... an alarmingly poor quality pre-renal failure care among patients with kidney disease in the United States"
In fact, a well renowned nephrologist from Johns Hopkins University Hospital by the name of Dr. M. Alser even stated in one of his books "Kidney Failure is undertreated by doctors. More often, patients only come back when they are ready for dialysis"

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