Saturday, September 3, 2011

Improve your eyesight naturally

What Causes Bad Eyesight? An Overview of the Risk Factors of Some Prevalent Vision Problems 

Eyestrain, blurred near or distant vision, peripheral or central vision loss - these are all terrifying symptoms of bad eyesight. Learning what causes bad eyesight can help you prevent or slow down the development of eyesight disorders and diseases leading to visual impairment and even to blindness.

The easiest way to explore what causes bad eyesight is to go through the most common eye problems and look into the specific risk factors and causes of each one.

Nearsightedness. Nearsightedness or myopia is certainly one of the most common vision disorders. Myopia can cause significant vision loss and greatly lower one's quality of life. One of the major causes for poor vision in myopic people is frequent and prolonged close up eye work and subsequent eye strain.

Farsightedness. Farsightedness (hyperopia) is often overshadowed by myopia in the public perception, vision research and the scientific literature*. Although other vision disorders have greater negative effect on visual acuity than farsightedness, the possible complications of uncorrected hyperopia make it a serious eyesight disorder. What causes bad eyesight in hyperopic people? Farsightedness in people is often hereditary; essentially every infant is born with mild farsightedness. Hyperopia in adults often results from chronic health conditions (diabetes), eye diseases (intraocular and orbital tumors, eye inflammations) and contact lens wear.

Presbyopia (Aging vision). Presbyopia is considered to be an age related eye disorder. In other words, declining eyesight is as inevitable as growing older. However, numerous factors may contribute to an early onset of presbyopia. Poor diet and unhealthy eating habits, harmful habits such as smoking and chronic alcohol consumption are among the top causes. What else causes bad eyesight in case of presbyopia? As any other eye and vision disorder, the age-related changes in the eye responsible for presbyopia development may be triggered by general poor health, other systemic diseases, medications, stress.

The good news is that there is an easy way to find out more about the causes bad eyesight as well as how to take better care of your eyes and how to improve vision naturally

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