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Gastritis - Colitis - Stomach ulcers - Duodenal ulcer - Constipation

- Gastritis - Colitis - Stomach ulcers - Duodenal ulcer - Constipation

 The martyrdom of Sissyfou suit those with digestive disorders. When you eat today, three or four times a day if the digestive system digests and absorbs food has a problem, then every bite leads to an ordeal. Pain in stomach or abdomen, bloating, burning in the esophagus, gourgourita, gas, diarrhea or constipation, belching. These are some of the symptoms of digestive disorders. But all these local symptoms almost always accompanied by weakness, sweating, nervousness and a general decline in mood.

This is because the digestive system is closely connected with the nervous system. And who knows for example that very often the anxiety or fear or stenachoreia "spoil" the stomach immediately. There are random expressions "I feel a tightness / punch in the stomach", "this man is sitting in my stomach", "the stenachoreia toss my guts."

 The impasse of individual treatment effects The most common digestive diseases are gastritis, stomach ulcers or duodenal, colitis or irritable bowel and constipation. Usually recommended conservative diet. But apart from the difficulties of implementing such a diet, often despite the strict application of these symptoms persist. It appears that diet is not the only factor and many times nor the largest. There are many people when they are in a good mood digest everything and the slightest stenachoreia or anxiety despite good nutrition have a problem. So a second important factor is the mental balance of the individual.

Let us not forget that the digestive is directly connected to the nervous system. In recent years the discovery of the existence of Campylobacter pylori in people with gastritis or peptic ulcer disease was a euphoria in medical circles that a long-term treatment with strong antibiotics will solve the problem permanently. But beyond the strong side effects that accompany such an action see the problem to subside for some time and often recurs. And only this fact is indicative that something is not doing it right. That our action is partial and superficial and not complete and thorough. Ie radical. It is likely that Campylobacter is the "sweeper" that grows and thrives in a favorable ground disturbed gastric environment and not the root cause of the disorder.

Homeopathy works on the human-psychophysical totality In the final analysis it is evident that he is the stomach, but the patient is suffering primarily as a psychosomatic whole and because of this primary disorder have symptoms of stomach-regional body. Should therefore focus not only on treatment but to treat stomach and all the other factors such as heredity, the psychological factors and diet. Experience 250 years of the homeopathic treatment in diseases of the digestive tract showed that the homeopathic remedy acts at multiple levels of human beings. Has in principle the possibility to act balancing the psychic level and raising the mental balance of the individual.

 An anxious or nervous person will not change course, nature ultimately it will become more calm in dealing with various mental and physical stress. This means that different "upset" would be treated more successfully and will not be the person reaches the point of "swallowing things" in the stomach or to accept "undigested statements" as eloquent language idioms mean. And this happens because the psychic defense mechanisms will operate much better. Furthermore, the homeopathic medicine does not act to suppress the nervous system as numerous as sedatives and anti-anxiety drugs or presenting phenomena of dependence or addiction. Having naturally from plants or minerals and acting naturally can be given without any fear of side effects.

 A second action of homeopathic medicine is the hereditary predisposition of the individual. It simply corrects an acute intestinal disorder, but after a systematic homeopathic treatment some months we find that the digestive susceptibility is reduced significantly or eliminated. Physical activity without side effects and strong overall therapeutic effect, permanent root therapeutic effect are three major advantages of homeopathic treatment.

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