Monday, February 27, 2012

Horoscope and health-Virgo

SIGN VIRGO: Abdomen, Diseases viscera

The Virgo controls the nervous system and intestines. Virgos suffer from stomach and intestinal disorders, the same as cancers. It is also the same restless and anxious, but the trend is directly related to nervous tension. It is necessary for them a measured diet and are usually vegetarians.

He rules the intestines and spleen
Physiognomy Virgo, which is a merkourian Zodiac, recognized by the great delicacy of the lines. Ethicly and the men and women are very smart people, but develop a sense of such criticisms that fall in negativity. They can not easily communicate with others and especially with the opposite sex, because the acidity of the culture and habits that do not constantly dropping in on what other signs are known or last.

Such Ascendant is best for a woman than a man, since Leo is the 12th house. Outstanding professors and critics, if are the sides of the zodiac, give them the gift of creation (which does not in itself the sign of Virgo, which is crucial barren), such a Rising allows them to classify, organize, collect. Very interested in health, but with a pessimism that characterizes them. The sexual life is not easy (especially for a man who has such a configuration). They fear the disease to a point unimaginable.

An obsessed about sexuality, makes them often to adopt a critical and totally devoid of goodness Mrs. condescension to the joys of life. From the perspective of physiology, the most common diseases are the liver and intestinal disorders, brain injuries, as well as neuritis and sexual problems.

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