Friday, February 24, 2012

Horoscop and health-Lion

SIGN LION: Heart Back

Lion controls the heart, spine and back. The Lions with their tendency to live integrated lives, should take particular care to brake and in middle age, or they risk a heart attack.

He rules the right eye, spine and heartThe appearance of the Lion has a pronounced resemblance to the animal bearing the same name, with a mane of hair, strong or subtle character, eyes gray-blue or golden blotches.

 Contrary to what many astrologers say, the sign is not generally gives only moderate vitality. Having Cancer in 12th house are often the problems of nutrition.Besides the fish in the 8th gives a tendency to endocrine abnormalities

However, if there is no violent appearance to contest the Sun, is the vitality in all areas show a rapid physical decline. Such Ascendant increases the importance of emotional life which makes man creator, but rarely does the field of heart happy, since the sign of Leo is critically Solar and Sun is not identified with any other star.

The ideals and subtlety do not allow men or women be thrown into brutal adventures. In the field of physiology, the most common insults are abnormalities of the heart and spine, as well as eye problems.

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