Monday, February 27, 2012

Horoscope and health-Libra

SIGN LIBRA: Kidney, Liver Diseases
Libra controls the kidneys. Any disruption in the usually fragile and strictly balanced life scales, either by accident or as tension has a direct impact on serious kidney disorder.

 It has to do with the kidneys, bladder, prostate gland and some regulating organic exchange. All the mechanisms of organic cleaning correspond to this Ascendant (and in this sign)
The appearance of Libra, whether man or woman, is often very beautiful, with a profile written by regular line and with great finesse, which especially during the period of youth pulls the sympathy of his surroundings.

It is one of the most important of the whole Ascendant zodiac, in the sense that people were happy to conditions, which often are not even conscious. 
This is because due to the sympathy and causing a considerable fortune to have worn them and patronize their benefactors. It is modest and everything adopt a stopover.

We recognize the appearance of Libra by its beauty and in terms of character, of sociability and comfort. On the side of the physiology and severe attacks, people who have this configuration is exposed to problems with the bladder (both sexes) and problems with the prostate (men). The critical points are the neck and mouth, as well as the intestines.

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