Sunday, March 11, 2012

Horoscope and helth-Pisces

FISH SIGN: Feet, BunionsFish control their feet. When you walk Pisces suffer, even by something as trivial narrow shoe, and suffered his whole existence. Often the fish are not responding favorably to drugs, so it should take them with caution, because the most simple drug can have a negative effect.
OROSKOP FISH-Ascendant: He rules the feet, the psyche as a whole, organic fluid to lymph

The appearance in Pisces tend to show paid and this happens more in men (obesity, shoulders fallen, flaccid skin is full of cellulite). Often than those resulting natures one instance, because they know instinctively to roll interloper, to slip in all circles, like fish in water.

The eyes are often extremely beautiful. The overcast look evocative of compassion and care for each other. This gives an Ascendant that nature prefers to flee rather than in front of obstacles to overcome. Really needs, a very strong sun to be a tendency to "who cares" to frustration and psychological coercion. 

Their will tends to be activated in front of a stronger desire (Secular). So their charms, despite their independence life in society. In the field of physiology is necessary for people to avoid drugs (except homeopathy and herbal medicine), not to abuse the various drugs and to trust themselves to large sources that restore the balance.There is a tendency to nervousness, to nerve and mental disorders, tuberculosis and tumors.

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