Saturday, March 3, 2012

Horoscope and health-Sagittarius

SIGN SAGITTARIUS: Liver, SciaticaSagittarius check your liver, hips and thighs. Active people by nature, the Archers weigh if you do not have enough mental and physical exercise. Women in particular, fatten hips and thighs.
OROSKOP SAGITTARIUS: He rules the liver, blood, small arteries and buttocksThe appearance of Sagittarius, easily recognized but difficult to discern if in it the sign is the Ascendant or the Sun. The person often has a character that looks like a horse with great kindness to the lines of nose and groin.Men are from early baldness. 

The color is vivid, often reddish toned. The members have a large surface in relation to the chest. The walking is nervous and quick. After forty-one appears some overweight (unless Jupiter is Kronia Signs, particularly in Capricorn). 

With the Ascendant in this dual sign there was a general tendency for a power and a prophecy, if developed the human side, but it depends a lot and the position of governor.Ascendant 

Sagittarius gives a great desire for adventure, but also like no other sign gives a guarantee for social approval and popularity. In the normal field, there is a predisposition to liver abnormalities, problems with nutrition and intoxication. Protection is required against accidents unless they  happen in water.

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