Sunday, March 11, 2012

Horoscope and health-Aquarius

SIGN AQUARIUS: Blood, Drumsticks
Aquarius controls blood circulation. People with strong position in their horoscope Aquarius, suffer from varicose veins and atherosclerosis, and cold to matter much. The Zodiac is also controls the bones of the leg.

OROSKOP-Ascendant AQUARIUS: He rules the brain electricity, nerves (along with the Ascendant in Gemini, which is a dual sign, so it is the nerves), the arteries, the circulation in the region and ankles

The appearance of Aquarius, and it's a human sign, is often very beautiful, with regular lines. One characteristic point is the color of eyes, usually blue, which brings us to the color of a beautiful sky in summer. The violet eyes are slightly less often. It felt a certain magnetism.

Often the anxiety is very evident. Such Ascendant implies a fairly large dose of luck.Unexpected but favorable conditions tend to make people from the realm of birth. The vast socializing lets help from friends. This is the Ascendant (with cancer) that makes easier a public man.

For while other signs are often victims of a fashion, the Ascendant in Aquarius is unlike the privileged. The brash tempered by the warmth that exists in human relations. In the field of physiology, we should note that the most frequent abnormalities, with strong attacks are disturbances in the heart and blood are presented simultaneously with nerve problems

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