Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Horoscope and health-Capricorn

SIGN CAPRICORN: Bones, ArthritisCapricorn controls the knees, bones and teeth. It is common orthopedic problems, but anything that restricts mobility, such as rheumatism.OROSKOP- Ascendant CAPRICORN: He rules the bones and skin knees

The appearance of Capricorn identified by a deformed face and rarely harmonious. The front is very convex with a baldness which goes toward the edges. Such Ascendant makes wrinkles appear very early. Premature arthritic pains give a gait that lacks the flexibility and elegance. The cold is often very noticeable.

The shoulders are thickSuch Ascendant gives a fairly large dose of ambition, which can refer either to material goods (avarice) or knowledge (greed for knowledge, lifting and philosophy, understanding the global plan) or the strength (important political responsibilities). 

The wisdom and insight, ingenuity and patience grow with age. In practice, a person marked by significant Capricorn generally gives the full picture after fifty. It is rare that the family would not be waived in front of various ambitions.

From the perspective of physiology should be noted that over the years improving the vitality of this sign and under serious attack is predisposed to rheumatism, kidney disease and the fractures in the knees. It is common and nutritional abnormalities, despite the moderation in food

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