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The Sultan's "secret" of love

What took the Sultans to meet their "appetites" of the harem?

During the Ottoman Empire, in the palace, there was a doctor of that time had only one task: to prepare formulations will drink the Sultan to be "bull" and be able to cope with its obligations to the harem of concubines of. And not talking about a concubine, but for many. Nearly hundreds, each evening the "Hass beings" have a one to satisfy.

The doctor he was making a decoction, the famous "patisach Mantzos" ( could be translated as the "drink of the Sultan"), which the Sultan should drank a few moments of the libido, hurling. If the Sultan during the process of "chalvet" does not manage to match up, then the roumors  into the harem  about his "manhood" was even able to cause rebellion. 

How a man can not perform the conjugal duties, would be able to lead the largest empire the world then?Of course, myths and beliefs say the recipe for this drink went from mouth to mouth and no one knew what it contains. But newer research has come into its components, of course, knowing what causes each one of them.We present now the "natural Viagra" for years now people use it, they understand that their properties, increase their sexual desire.

 Certainly from a scientific standpoint, until a few years ago, doctors were skeptical as to the result, and believed that the "better" is purely a placebo effect. Recent investigations have shown, however, that nature knows how to do very good job.

MintThe key ingredient of "patisach Mantzos" allegedly was the mint tea. It was first known to the ancient Greeks had discovered the properties of mint in the sexual area.Aristotle, for example, warned Alexander the Great to leave his soldiers to drink mint during the campaign to avoid sexual arousal that will allow them to fight well and would make them lose their discipline, as would have their minds in sexual intercourse.

PomegranateAnd this secret came from ancient Greece to the court of Sultan. The ancient Greeks believed that the pomegranate was the favorite fruit of the goddess Aphrodite. Creates strong male sexual desire, and believed that women treat vaginal dryness

Egg. Notably, egg yolk, which is believed not only healing properties but, to the consumption of raw, makes you a better lover. In "patisach Mantzos" put raw egg yolk for another reason. They believed that cures from headaches and depression. And of course, many Sultans (including Suleiman the Magnificent) had mild or more severe forms of depression.

Pepper. And indeed plenty. Considered to be of the most basic ingredients in the brew to be drunk by the Sultan. Dramatically drive up romantic mood and made him want sex constantly.

LouisaThen they did not  know that Louisa,  contains vervenalini  an alkaloid that dilates the arteries and swells, causing the penis erect. Then simply put distillate from the plant into the drink of the Sultan and had peace of mind that will not "twisted" anything.

GarlicEven today in countries that retain parts of the culture of the Ottoman Empire (eg, the Middle East), continue to give the first night of marriage to her husband,  a kind of soup that contains garlic  to maintain a high standard, the ... level.

OrchidAgain the ancient Greeks did their miracle on ... sexual performance of the Sultan. In ancient times the Greeks assigns every organ of the human body with the healing properties of some plant. The roots of orchids, like the testicles of a man (hence the name). So I think the essence of any plant treats erectile dysfunction. After the discovery of America were ordering  in Topkapi, vanilla. One specific type of orchid that has wonderful smell.

Oil. Of course he could not miss the Greek olive oil. The expression "eat oil and come evening," says it all. Thanks to vitamin E appears to contain a positive effect on libido.From Kalamata acity of Peloponese firman of the Sultan was sent the Seraglio, only green olive oil (first oil) that you think is best to not ever feel "fallen" and ... psychologically and physically.

SafranWhen he was ready, steaming the sherbet of the Sultan, his served sprinkled with golden grains of saffron. Already since the Roman and Byzantine, believed that Safran has a positive effect on sexual desire and helps erection.

Honey. Of course he could drink from the Sultan to miss the pure honey. He gave a wonderful taste but also the properties of honey in the field of sexual desire is well known.

AniseThe anise contains anethole a substance believed to give the body a distinct smell, and shows mild estrogenic activity increases sexual desire and function and sexual impotence.With them and with them the Sultans managed to maintain a "bulls" in bed. Of course not all the wear and of course the empire occurred because there were not able to stand in and fulfill the wishes of the harem. But that's another story ...

Attention please note that any substance, even vegetable should be taken after the physician has been informed and has approved 

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